On a windy November day in Kansas City, Pivot Pool Products sat down with a 2023 model Ariel owner, Aric W., to talk about his six-month experience with our latest pool cleaning robot. The new 2023 model addresses former reliability issues, works longer into the evening, and has been taking excellent care of Aric’s 27,000-gallon salt-water pool. On days similar to the one we interviewed Aric, leaves from neighboring trees and grass seeds blow onto the surface of pools.

“Ariel does a great job because of her fine mesh filter – she cleans things out of the pool that you cannot even see on the top,” said Aric. “It’s amazing what shows up in the tray when you take Ariel out of the pool.”

Ariel cleans the top so that pool owners have less to clean at the bottom. “Ariel does a nice job of reducing the debris that either makes its way to the bottom of the pool or ends up in the traps. Before Ariel, we cleaned the traps two to three times a week. Now we only clean out the traps once a week and clean our filter every six weeks,” said Aric. “With reduced material in the pool, bacteria and algae do not have a chance to grow.”

Pool owners consistently report loving how easy Ariel is to use. Set Ariel in the water, press the power button, and away she paddles. “It is solar-powered so there is no charging, maintenance, or batteries to deal with. From an eco-friendly standpoint, what is better than solar? It just takes care of itself,” Aric said. “The sensors allow Ariel to navigate without hitting obstructions in the pool, regardless of the pool’s shape or size.”

The ultimate benefit to Ariel is being able to jump right into healthy water the moment you decide it is time to swim. “When friends and family are over, we have peace of mind knowing that Ariel is cleaning the pool and that I do not have to come out here two hours before and make sure things are picked up. The healthiness and cleanliness of our pool is remarkable, and it is wonderful to see a crystal-clear pool every day.”

There are numerous ways to share your positive experience with Ariel, including via Trust Pilot and Google. If you are interested in coordinating a video testimonial, please email marketing@solar-breeze.com.