Did you know that many swimming pool problems and expenses can be prevented with aggressive skimming? Constant surface skimming is the best kept secret to easily maintain a healthy, clean, and hassle-free swimming pool. We are not proposing that you hand-skim all day, so go ahead and ditch the net! A perfectly skimmed pool is only attainable through Ariel, a solar-powered robot that has the time and energy for the job. In this article, learn about the nine benefits to constant surface skimming.

#1: Prevent Algae & Bacteria Growth

Algae can grow quickly in a damp environment, and a dirty pool surface is the perfect breeding ground for them. Ariel captures organic debris before it sinks, which helps prevent algae and bacteria from forming. “When we had black algae, my pool professional told me it was likely caused by tons of debris entering and not being cleaned away quick enough. We have day jobs, and when we get home at night we do not think about the pool, and my pool guy only comes once a week to clean it,” said Eric V.

#2: Save Money on Chemicals & Treatments

When chlorine interacts with organic material in pool water, the process renders the chlorine unavailable to disinfect. Any chlorine that’s leftover is what sanitizes the water. Sometimes, this forces pool owners to add more chemicals and attempt other fixes to keep the balance. Ariel removes debris from the surface of the pool so that pool owners can easily decrease chemical consumption.

#3: Keep the Water Balanced

Accumulated debris can affect the pH of pool water, making it more acidic. Water that is too acidic can cause skin and eye irritation, and damage the pool’s equipment. Cleaning the pool’s surface regularly helps maintain the water’s pH balance, ensuring the pool remains safe for swimming.

#4: Improve Pool Circulation

Too much surface debris can cause blockages in the pool’s circulation system and filter, reducing its efficiency. The circulation system is essential for maintaining water quality and ensuring the pool’s chemicals are distributed evenly. Regular cleaning of the pool’s surface helps keep the circulation system working correctly.

#5: Use Less Energy to Keep the Pool Clean

With less debris to clean off the bottom, Ariel owners report being able to run their pool pump by up to 60% less, which reduces their annual electric spend. “With Ariel, we have been able to cut our circulating time in half, and only run the pool pump at night,” said Mary F. “Not only is the electricity cheaper, but Ariel makes going swimming an easier experience during the day.”

#6: Extend the Life of Pool Cleaning Equipment

A dirty pool can damage to the pool’s equipment, requiring costly repairs or replacements. Keeping the pool clean helps ensure that the equipment remains in good condition for longer. “I have no doubt that Ariel will help with the wear and tear on my pool filter system,” said Debi M.

#7: Maintain the Pool’s Appearance

A dirty pool surface can make the entire pool look unattractive. Debris, stains, and algae can make the pool look old and neglected. Constantly cleaning the pool’s surface can keep the pool looking sparkling and inviting, adding to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard.

#8: Never Hand-Skim Again

With a solar-powered pool cleaning robot, long gone are the days of painstakingly fishing debris out of the pool, a job that is difficult to perfect due to pesky micro debris. Take back your time for better things.

#9: Enjoy an always swim-ready pool

When you are ready to enjoy a dip in the pool, skip the skimming and get straight to swimming. With Ariel, let it be swim time at the exact moment you say it is.

Constantly cleaning the pool from the top if the most effective way to maintain a pool, and has many benefits. Seldom skimming the pool with a net between professional visits is not adequate. Adopting a pool skimmer robot like the new 2023 model of Ariel by Pivot Pool Products will make the pool easier to maintain and more enjoyable.