Monsoon Rain and Wind Create Challenges for Pool Owners and Professionals

Arizona is known for its breathtaking landscapes, sweltering heat, and an extraordinary natural phenomenon known as the monsoon season. It occurs from mid-June to late September, and is characterized by sudden microbursts of intense rainfall, powerful winds, sand storms known as Haboobs, and spectacular thunderstorms.  While monsoon season brings relief from scorching temperatures, replenishes water supplies, and nurtures vegetation, the intense rains and wind create challenges for swimming pool owners and professionals. How do pool owners maintain a clean pool during monsoon? In this blog, learn about the advanced solution for keeping a pool clean during intense desert weather.

Impacts of Monsoon Season on Swimming Pools

Debris Buildup: Monsoon storms bring strong winds that carry dust, leaves, twigs, and other debris into swimming pools. Haboobs can pick up a ton of dust and sand and cover a large area within minutes. Some of these storms can reach as high as 10,000 feet and have winds up to 80 mph. This influx of debris can quickly accumulate, causing water to become dirty and cloudy, and clogging pool filters.

Water Contamination: Heavy rainfall during monsoons can cause water from surrounding areas to flow into pools, carrying contaminants like dirt, chemicals, and pollutants. This contamination can affect water quality, making it unhygienic for swimming.

Altered Water Chemistry: Rainwater and debris can significantly alter the chemical balance of pool water. The additional water dilutes the chemicals, leading to imbalances in pH and chlorine levels. Improperly balanced water can cause skin and eye irritations, and promote the growth of algae and bacteria.

  • Pro Tip: Maintain a clean and enjoyable pool during this unique storm season with Ariel, the solar-powered pool skimmer. Ariel operates during storms to remove flooded-in and blown-in debris.

Ariel Maintains Clean Pools During Arizona Monsoon

Ariel is a cutting-edge innovation that has revolutionized pool maintenance, particularly during the monsoon season. Yes, she operates through the rain and wind! The solar-powered pool skimming robot is built to withstand intense weather and is designed to autonomously patrol the water surface to remove debris before it sinks to the bottom. Constant surface skimming during a storm prevents debris buildup, water contamination, and altered water chemistry.

“My pool cleaning robot totally crushed a recent monsoon storm!” said Patrick. “This morning I came out to find Ariel full, and my pool barely looked like a dust storm had come through eight hours ago. She had skimmed everything up from my neighbor’s tree so that I could swim laps in my pool as if no storm had come through at all. It passed its first major storm with flying colors!”

Ariel’s mesh filter collects and retains particles down to 200 microns in size. On a fully charged battery, the solar-powered bot operates for at least 14 hours straight without sun exposure through stored energy. With Ariel’s assistance, pool owners can fully embrace the beauty of Arizona’s monsoons while keeping their pools clean and inviting. She makes a hard job look effortless!

“Our solar-powered robotic pool skimmer runs around the clock and has done a great job of keeping our pool clean during monsoon season,” said Wendy. “The morning after a recent storm, we filled two trash bags full of debris that we swept from the pool deck and patio. The pool itself was looking great!”

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