Once You Go Bot, You’ll Never Go Back

Pool maintenance can be an expensive headache and time-consuming chore. What if there were a quicker, easier way to keep the pool crystal clear and healthy? There is! In addition to having the advantage of a clean pool, you’ll reap all the lifestyle benefits when you adopt Ariel, a solar-powered surface skimmer. Ultimately, you’ll love your pool again.

“I have a very large pool with a lot of surrounding trees and Ariel has made my pool cleaning job so much easier. It grabs all the stuff floating on top of the water before it can sink, adding to my vacuuming chores,” said Dan via Amazon. “I never have to think about it. It charges itself with solar power and holds a lot of debris, which is useful during windstorms. I just can’t say enough good things about Ariel.”:

Never Hand Skim Again

Ditch the net and invite Ariel into your pool – she really makes pool cleaning a breeze! Long gone will be the days of painstakingly fishing debris out of the pool, a job that is difficult to perfect due to pesky micro debris. Using Ariel is as easy as placing her in the pool, pressing her power button, and watching her paddle away. Set it and forget it! When you peek through the window on top of Ariel and see that the debris tray is full, hoist her out of the water using a non-slip handle and easily slide the tray out to empty. Then, put her back to work! When you’re ready to enjoy a dip in the pool, skip the skimming and get straight to swimming. With Ariel, let it be swim time at the exact moment you say it is.

Save Time for Better Things

With Ariel’s support, take back the 15 minutes that you would normally spend hand-skimming the pool. Fifteen minutes is enough valuable time to meditate, make lunch or a smoothie, read, walk the dog, or make a call. Pool owners might choose to simply swim more with that time, and clean less. Whatever you decide to do, Ariel will be in the backyard independently cleaning the pool. “Ariel works as soon as the sun hits the pool and after dark to tirelessly do the tedious job that I was doing 4-5 times daily, but with much better results,” said Frank via Amazon. “Ariel skims the pool for 12-15 hours a day which is more than I ever did or want to do!”

Save Money on Chemicals, Energy and Repairs

Spend less on chemicals, run your pool pump less, and extend the life of other pool cleaning equipment. How? Ariel prevents organic debris from decaying and sinking, thus resulting in less algae and bacteria growth. With less material in the pool water, it’s easy to decrease chemical consumption, and pool owners report being able to run their pool pump by up to 60% less. This extends the equipment’s life and yields savings on the electric bill. “Ariel is the best money I ever spent,” said Tim via Facebook. “No more vacuuming the pool every day!”

Love your pool again by making maintenance less of a chore. Take back your time and your money, with Ariel.