Why Should Pool Owners Choose Ariel? 

Daily use of a solar-powered pool skimming robot has numerous benefits that all lead to an ultra-clean pool. Pool owners enjoy the long terms advantage of decreased bacteria and algae growth, energy bill savings from running the pool pump less, chemical savings from requiring less treatments, and an extended life of pool cleaning equipment. It’s clear that there’s value to adopting a solar-powered pool cleaning robot, but why should pool owners choose Ariel? In this blog, learn about the unique features that make Ariel by Solar-Breeze a robot above the rest.

Solar-powered to operate long after the sun goes down without hoses, cords, or other attachments.

Intelligently equipped with obstruction sensors to avoid obstacles.

Propelled by a rear split paddle wheel that provides multidirectional navigation.

Front paddlewheel sends water and debris through the collection chamber.

Collection chamber with twice the storage capacity of a typical pool skimmer inlet.

Fine mesh filter captures large and micro-sized debris, including hair, pollen and dust.

For easy start, place the robot in the pool and press the power button.

A window positioned between Ariel’s solar panels allows pool owners to see if Ariel is full.

Ariel is easy to clean. Slide the mesh filter out of the debris chamber when full to empty.

Non-slip handle to easily remove the lightweight robot from the pool.

One-year warranty and easy access to customer support team.

Pay for Ariel in four easy installments with Afterpay.

Ready to Take Home Ariel?