Ariel vs Skimbot

In a tale of two robots, potential customers often ask Pivot Pool Products ‘What is the difference between Ariel and Skimbot?” Our solar-powered pool cleaning robots skim the surface of a pool all day long to capture debris before they have a chance to sink, resulting in a clean, healthy, and easy to maintain pool. While there are many similarities between the two in terms of purpose and functionality, each robot has a unique set of strengths which influence buying decisions. In this article, learn about the difference between Ariel and Skimbot to determine which surface skimmer robot is best for your particular needs.

What size of debris looms the surface of your pool?

Ariel has a mesh filter
Skimbot does not have a mesh filter

Ariel has a mesh filter that collects and retains particles down to 200 microns. This unit is ideal for pools that are plagued by dust, pollen, dog hair and oil – those finer debris that prevent a pool from being crystal clear. Ariel is a pro at capturing larger debris, too.

Skimbot’s filter is not mesh. While Skimbot is capable of capturing some pretty small particles, that ‘barely there’ material, like suntan oil and dust, will likely pass through. This unit is ideal for pools that are mostly affected by large, fallen debris.

Do you value having control over your pool robot?

Ariel does not have remote control capabilities. Using obstruction sensors and independent steering, she explores the surface of a pool to capture debris of all kinds. Other than owners activating her with the power button and emptying her debris chamber, Ariel operates independently.

Skimbot can be remote-control operated through the Skimbot App. Users can integrate the robot with their smart phone via Bluetooth and adjust a wide range of operating parameters to optimize Skimbot’s pool cleaning routine. App features include navigation control, pool temperature monitoring, battery status, adjustments to specific operation time, speed, sensor adjustments, and so much more.

Do leaves get stuck to the sides of your pool?

Skimbot does edge cleaning

Skimbot offers Debris Washing and Edge Cleaning features through the Skimbot App. When Skimbot reaches the edge of the pool, the Debris Washing feature rotates the front paddle wheel to force water up against the wall. This loosens debris from the edge. Once the debris is loosened, the Edge Cleaning feature removes the accumulated debris by spinning the front paddle wheel at a high RPM. This creates greater suction which pulls debris from the edge into the debris collection chamber.

Is price a factor?

Ariel is currently retailed at $498.00, or 4 interest-free payments of $124.50 with Afterpay.

Skimbot is currently retailed at $699.00, or 4 interest-free payments of $174.75 with Afterpay.

Still on the fence?

No matter which pool robot you choose, there are several benefits to constant surface skimming. Solar-powered pool cleaning robot owners discover extended life on other pool cleaning equipment. They also enjoy a net-free world and less bacteria and algae growth. Constant skimming yields less filtration and sanitization requirements, and 60% less pool pump runtime. These robots empower pool owners to swim more, clean less and save money on chemicals, energy, and repairs. Pools stay crystal clear when they are skimmed all day!