There’s no hiding from pollen.

During the spring and summer months, or swim season as we like to call it, majority of the United States is in medium to high pollen status from trees and grass. Pollen is fine and can be carried for great distances through the air. That means that even if you don’t have trees, plants, flowers, or grass on your property, you and your swimming pool simply can’t avoid pollen. It will find you, which is bad not only for your sinuses, but for your pool’s chemistry if not frequently removed.

We all agree that cleaning a pool’s pollen from the top is smart. Settling for an antiquated and unreasonable way to get this job done is not.

Many consider the pool pump and filter to be the first line of defense against pollen, but this pesky debris is often too small for a traditional filter to actually… you know – filter. It tries it’s best! As a means to keep up with maintenance and avoid chemical imbalance, pool owners settle for an extremely diligent cycle of hand-skimming accompanied by increasingly high energy bills. Some poor souls commit to skimming as frequently as two times each day with a mesh filter attachment. Others make the painful chore someone else’s responsibility by passing it on to a maintenance professional.

Pool owners and pool pros, stop all the fuss. Pivot how you clean pools.

The engineers at Pivot Pool Products designed Ariel to be the only equipment necessary to remove visible pollen and other floating debris from the pool’s surface. Ariel’s mesh filter collects and retains particles down to 200 microns in size. On a fully charged battery, the solar-powered bot operates for at least 10 hours straight without sun exposure through the power she stores. Especially in the thick of pollen season, Ariel makes a hard job look effortless. Pools owners and pool professionals are able to ditch the net, and even run the pool pump less.

“This amazing little bot efficiently cleans off the top surface of the pool, whether it is leaves, pollen or dead bugs,” said Debi M. “I have no doubt that it will help the wear and tear on my pool filter system. It is especially effective after we have had winds blowing leaves and debris into the pool. My pool has never been so sparkling clean!”

  • Pro Tip: When you add aluminum sulfate to your pool, it binds with pollen to clump it together, making it even easier for Ariel to gobble more up!

  • Pro Tip: When the pool always has a clean surface, it’s swim time the moment you say it. Kiss the pollen goodbye when you ditch the net for good.

“The problems in my pool are insects, pollen, and grass clippings. In the summer, it is the worst!” said Thomas P. in an Ariel review on Amazon. “I would spend an hour each morning cleaning the pool with a net. I wanted a pool robot that would skim the pool for me and keep it clean. Bottomline, Ariel is a great buy and saves me time.”

“Ariel gives me the cleanest pool in the neighborhood,” said Ryan F. “Leaves, pollen, bugs, and even a mouse have been removed from the surface of my pool!”