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The Idea:
Cleaning from the Top

There are an estimated 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the United States alone – they’re part of everyday life. Maintaining a pool’s cleanliness and swim readiness poses a unique set of challenges to pool owners and those in the pool industry. Historically, instead of prevention, pool cleaning technology has focused on cleaning the bottom as a reaction to sunken and decaying debris. Why? The physical task of hand-skimming before jumping in indicates that you have to ‘earn’ your swim time.

The creation of the original Solar-Breeze, an invention which was largely drawn from the hundred-year-old concept of harbor skimmers, sought to thwart the root problem. “Could solar energy power a surface skimming robot across the water for a long period of time to effectively collect all debris before sinking?” The question, first posed in 2003, became the catalyst for the multi-year success of a new category in the pool industry – automated surface cleaning robots. Pool robots have allowed people everywhere to #DitchTheNet and bottom-cleaning equipment for good, plus save time and money.

On a Mission

To introduce all pool people to a broad line of advanced and eco-friendly pool maintenance solutions. By 2025, the electrical consumption and emissions produced by 200,000 pools will be reduced by 60%.

“Hey Siri, define pool person”

Someone who values swimming pools and swim time. Example: a pool owner, maintenance professional, supply store owner, or builder.

Diving in Deep: Our History


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Our Staff Team

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Mark Dohnaleck, Kansas

President, Pivot International

Two decades of strategy execution including business development, market penetration, and financial management.

Paul Sim, Arizona

Vice President, Pivot Pool Products

A decade of leadership to the success of automated surface cleaning robots, plus two decades of experience in restructuring ventures and developing strategic relationships to increase overall business performance.

Rod Sterling, Georgia

Business Development Manager

Five years building a name for automated surface cleaning robots in the pool marketplace, plus four decades of significant contributions to the pool industry.

Rod passed away Aug. 24th, 2022 and will be deeply missed by our team.

Hana Alanis, Arizona

Marketing & Sales Director

A decade of creative direction that strategically engages audiences and drives growth.

Taylor Cole, Arizona

Marketing Coordinator

Five years developing strategic social, PR, and events to boost brand awareness.

An Accepted Solution

Since 2010, the market presence of our solar-powered robots has spanned 44 states and 17 countries.

As a pool professional, I take care of a lot of pools. I have one that has such high tree debris in it I have considered dropping the account because it was so hard to manage. I threw a pool robot in there and wow, what a difference. This pool such a breeze to manage now.

Dean O.

Our pool has never been clearer or cleaner. The surface is cleaned by the pool robot which makes less work for the bottom vacuum. Our pool guy says he wishes that all of his customers had one of these.

Vernon S.

If you own a pool, you know how time-consuming it can be to clean the water after use. Fortunately, the Solar-Breeze Ariel solar pool cleaner provides a smart and efficient solution by collecting and retaining particles down to 200 microns in size. And it’s simple to use.  Overall, Ariel is a smart and effective way to clean your pool without you having to lift a finger.

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