Torey Lovullo’s role as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks often requires him to be away from the comfort of his home. This means he is unable to tend to household chores himself – bummer! In 2017, Torey became an early adopter of solar-powered pool skimming to ensure a healthy pool while on the road. Back then, Pivot Pool Products was known as Solar Pool Technologies, makers of the Solar-Breeze NX. While our robotic surface cleaner is now in its fourth generation, the Solar-Breeze NX brought immense value to Torey and his family.

“[The robot] cleans the top of the pool as good as anybody or anything that I have ever seen. I can step away from the pool for a few days and always come back to it perfectly clean,” Torey said. “[Since] it is solar-powered, it pulls the power without me thinking about it whatsoever. In the evening, when there is no sun out, I know the energy has been stored and it is doing its job cleaning the surface of the pool.”

The concept of around the clock surface cleaning is based in the fact that pools get dirty from the top, and that debris floats for roughly four hours undisturbed before sinking. Once it sinks, the decay process begins, which ushers in the opportunity for bacteria and algae to grow. Capturing debris before they sink is the key to an effortlessly clean pool. Utilizing a solar pool skimmer is equivalent to having someone hand the skim the pool all day with a fine mesh filter. “It is something that has taken a ton of work off the plate of my family. We can come out enjoy the pool and never worry about the top surface. It is always clean and ready for to jump in the pool.”