Like countless others, Dawn and Ed Trapp installed a backyard swimming pool in 2020, at a Phoenix home they have owned for more than 25 years. While Phoenix is ranked #1 for pools in the nation, the Trapps had never maintained a swimming pool before. The couple needed a reprieve from consecutive hot summer days at home and eagerly started their journey to pool ownership.

“It’s a new adventure for us to have a pool after all of these years,” said Dawn. “When we first put it in, we were a bit nervous about what was going to float into the pool and how we were going to keep it clean.”

At project completion, the Trapps immediately hired a pool professional to handle the various challenging aspects of pool ownership, and at friend’s recommendation, placed Ariel in the pool for additional peace of mind. “Ariel keeps the pool clean between services,” said Dawn. “She really helps on the days with just a little blowing wind, when flowers and other things can easily leap into the pool. She keeps the pool sparkling.”

Flowers are not the only debris that the Trapp’s Ariel captures. “You would not believe what is floating on your pool,” said Dawn, who occasionally discovers an unlucky scorpion and other desert critters. “Ariel gets everything on the top before – and this is the important part – before it sinks to the bottom.”

She’s right! By the time debris sinks to the bottom of a pool, it has already decayed and begun creating bacteria. Remove debris from the surface before it sinks to yield less bacteria and algae growth! This allows pool owners to run their pool pump less, spend less on chemicals, and extend the life of other pool cleaning equipment.

The Trapps are not the only ones raving about Ariel. Hear what Lauri and Aric have to say! There are numerous ways to share your positive experience with Ariel, including via Trust Pilot and Google. If you are interested in coordinating a video testimonial, please email