When the Arizona Palo Verdes bloom each spring, Michael Knapp’s backyard pool becomes hopelessly covered with yellow pollen and flowers. For nearly a decade, Michael has called on our surface skimming robots to solve this problem by cleaning debris off the top before they sink – like a Roomba, but for the pool. Over the years, Michael has consistently upgraded to each innovative model available, and has tested every generation of Pivot Pool Products’ surface cleaners, including the Solar-Breeze, Solar Breeze NX2, Skimbot, and now, Ariel. Michael invited us to his backyard to share his unique perspective on improvements seen in Ariel, and the value that robotic surface cleaners provide to pool owners and professionals.

Improved Reliability in Ariel

Michael is a retired chemical engineer that acquires each new robot with genuine interest in the product’s development, and because he “would not own a pool anywhere without having a solar pool skimmer,” Michael said. “While each robot has done its job well, the greatest improvement that I have seen again and again since it was first invented is the reliability – it has gone way up. I have had Ariel for a year, and have hardly touched it other than to empty the basket. If she runs out of solar energy in the middle of the night, she starts back up again as soon as the sun hits the solar panels the next morning. The pool is always crystal clean.” As part of ongoing efforts to enhance each customer’s experience, the 2023 Ariel model was effectively engineered to reduce the chance of water intrusion in the motor. In addition, this unit charges faster and runs longer into the evening with a redesigned electrical and power management system. Advanced software makes the new model even more sensitive to obstructions for improved navigation.

Saving Time, Energy and Money

Before using a solar-powered pool cleaning robot, Michael and his family would usually succumb to swimming with the few insects, twigs and debris lurking the pool at swim time. “I was too lazy to scoop it up with a pool net, and never did a perfect job anyways. If you get a view of the surface of my pool today, you won’t see a single leaf or twig, and I have vegetation all around. My pool is clean, and Ariel does it!”

It has been eight years since Michael last considered skimming his pool with a net, and six years since he replaced his pool water. He has also reduced running his pool pump from eight hours each day to two. “My energy usage has gone down a couple hundred dollars each year, and I attribute this to the solar power that Ariel uses to clean my pool instead of electrical energy to drive my bottom cleaner. It is saving me money,” said Michael.

Michael’s pool professional has been servicing his pool for years, and routinely comments on how the pool is one of the best he has ever seen. “He likes coming here because it does not take him a long effort to clean the pool – it is already so clean,” Michael said. “My pool guy does not have to do a lot to keep the chemicals balanced because there is not anything in it! There are no bacteria, there is nothing degrading and falling to the bottom.”

Michael is not the only one raving about Ariel. Hear what Lauri, Aric and Dawn have to say! There are numerous ways to share your positive experience with Ariel, including via Trust Pilot and Google. If you are interested in coordinating a video testimonial, please email marketing@solar-breeze.com.