Millennials represent one-fifth of today’s consumers, and two-thirds of them are likely to buy a home in the next two years, representing the fastest growing segment of the home buying market. For Millennials, it is not just about finding a quality, comfortable home to settle down in. They want to lead better lives, which includes having access to smart and sustainable technology in their homes made by companies who share their values. Millennials grew up with technology, and today it plays an integral role in how they live, work, play, communicate and socialize. As this generation begins to own homes, they will adopt robots for the home that solve everyday problems, allowing them to live more conveniently, save money, and protect the environment.

Pool maintenance is just one example of a typical home task that Millennials are turning to robots for.  When Becky Parmeley, 29, became a first-time home owner in late 2021, one of the biggest obstacles she saw in home ownership was taking care of the swimming pool. Watching dad do ‘pool stuff’ growing up just was not going to cut it. “A backyard pool for our family to enjoy was a big selling point, but we had zero confidence in dealing with one. Our first step was to a hire a pool professional, but we quickly learned that the weekly service alone did not keep the pool clean 24/7,” Becky said. “Between visits, we constantly had foliage, berries, twigs, insects, etc. in the pool, and hand skimming before a swim sometimes deterred us from swimming all together. We wanted to make full use of our pool, and that is when I discovered Ariel.” Ariel is a solar-powered pool cleaning robot that operates day and night capturing debris off the surface, resulting in a cleaner and healthier pool, alongside other benefits.

Here are some of the other most popular categories of robots for the home that are inspiring Millennials to lead more efficient lives:

Weeding Robot: A solar-powered, Bluetooth enabled weeding robot for the garden that differentiates a plant from a weed and whacks the pesky weed away.

Lawn mowing Robot: A GPS enabled mowing robot that senses obstacles, learns which parts of the lawn grow fast, does not leave tracks in the yard, and directs itself back to its charging station.

Grill Cleaning Robot: A robot that gently cleans a hot or cold grill grate to eliminate nasty build up.

Window Cleaning Robot: A robot that suctions to a window while moving around, wiping dirt and fingerprint away without leaving streaks.

Vacuuming Robot: Floor cleaning robots are not new on the autonomous helper scene and are available today with the most advanced capabilities to keep crumbs, hair and other debris off of the floor.

Litter Cleaning Robot: A robot that automatically sifts cat waste out of the litter box for a cleaner experience that eliminates a daily, smelly chore.

Life is busy, especially for young folk buying homes and raising children. Millennials who use robots to handle menial but necessary home chores save time for better things and provides peace of mind that the job is being done well.