Buy Now, Pay Later – Affirm makes purchasing an NX2 Pool Skimmer even easier

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Buy Now, Pay Later - Affirm makes purchasing an NX2 Pool Skimmer even easier It just got easier to enjoy the benefits of owning a solar-powered surface-cleaning robot!  Solar Pool Technologies is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Affirm to provide pool owners with the opportunity to spread payments for their Solar-Breeze NX2 [...]

Customers Rave About the Solar-Breeze NX2

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Lisa and her husband are very proud owners of the Solar-Breeze NX2! “It saves my husband and I from fighting over who is going to skim the pool next,” said Lisa. “We’ve actually named our Solar-Breeze – we call it Jeeves because he works from morning ‘til night and we don’t have to do the [...]

3 Simple Steps to Prevent and Fix Cloudy Pool Water

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Cloudy pools commonly occur due to environmental debris, unbalanced chemical levels and poorly functioning pool filters.  Weather, humans, plants, incorrectly installed or full filters, and excessive amounts of chemicals can all be the culprit when it comes to cloudy water. Solar Pool Technologies recommends these three steps to pool owners who strive for crystal clear [...]

Customers Nickname Their Solar-Breezes

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Solar Pool Technologies’ first “robot for your pool” was dubbed ‘Solar-Breeze’ when the product launched in 2007. We started calling it the Solar-Breeze NX in 2015, and the Solar-Breeze NX2 in 2018, after improved product launches. During the decade, our enhanced pool cleaning technology became known as a daily-use tool for individuals and families, earning [...]

Why Switch to Solar Pool Cleaning in 2019

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With the global solar power market seeing moderate growth year after year, utilizing clean solar on the daily isn’t such a far reach for the average consumer. Since 2007, Solar Pool Technologies has created automatic pool cleaners that reimagine how pool owners integrate clean solar energy into their lives. In 2018, we launched the Solar-Breeze [...]

Fun Swimming Pool Games For You and Your Family

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A swimming pool provides more than just a respite from the heat for you and your family. It also offers plenty of opportunities for fun and games with your loved ones, especially when school’s out. So after watching your Solar-Breeze NX2 do its routine pool service rounds and guessing what kind of debris it picks [...]

Solar-Breeze & Phat Scooters Sweepstakes

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We’re beyond excited to announce the Phat Scooter Sweepstakes!  We’ve partnered with our environmentally-conscious and tech-savvy friends at Phat Scooters to bring this incredible opportunity to you.  We will randomly select two winners on November 2, 2018 live from the Pool and Spa Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a Solar-Breeze NX2 taking [...]

The Dog Days of Summer – How dog owners keep their pools clean

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Is your dog a swimmer?  Some pups just can’t stay out of the water.  Sharing the pool with family pets is a lot of fun, but dogs can be hard on your pool if you are not careful. Even after your pup takes a quick dip, you will probably see dog hair floating on the [...]

What’s in your pool? Stranger things!

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We know a good pool skimmer will collect leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, blossoms and other debris from trees and plants.  But there are a variety of other things that can affect your pool, making it a lot less enjoyable. Bugs are one of those outdoor things we just have to deal with sometimes.  But [...]

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