Eric Verryden is a business owner who lives on a desert hillside in the outskirts of Phoenix. With no neighbor to the east, his backyard is quite literally the vast Arizona desert, a harsh environment that provides a gorgeous setting for his personal oasis but many problems for his luxury pool. “Before adopting the surface skimmer robot, Ariel, keeping my pool clean was a process, and even my pool guy, Kyle of North Valley Pool Service, had a hard time maintaining it,” said Eric.

High winds regularly blow through the valley behind Eric’s home and coat the surface of the pool with a variety of debris. When it rains heavily, flood waters drive mud and dirt into the pool. This previously resulted in a clogged filter, black algae, and additional problems that required costly emergency visits from his pool professional. These factors encouraged Eric to invest in Ariel, a solar-powered pool robot that constantly cleans debris off the top, allowing pool owners like him to save money and time.

Constant Skimming Prevents Pool Problems

Pool owners do not have the time or energy to skim the pool around the clock between professional visits, but constant surface skimming is the ultimate secret to a clean and easy to maintain pool. “When we had black algae, my pool professional told me it was likely caused by tons of debris entering and not being cleaned away quick enough. We have day jobs, and when we get home at night we do not think about the pool, and my pool guy only comes once a week to clean it,” said Eric.

“The black algae was gross, unhealthy, and unsafe. The cost of chemicals to fix it came out of my pocket, and because those chemicals are harmful, we could not use the pool for a while. Once fixed, we got the pool cleaner Ariel. The surface skimmer robot works all day long so we can come home to a clean pool that we do not have to worry about, even after a storm. And, my pool professional does not have to make so many repairs.”

Ariel Pools are Always Ready for a Swim

Eric calls his surface cleaning robot the Queen of Skim. With the automatic Ariel, he no longer spends valuable time hand-skimming between professional visits, a job that he seldom did and always found difficult to perfect. He especially appreciates being able to jump right into clean and healthy water at swim time. “I love being able to get into the pool when I want to without skimming it for 30 minutes first. We have two kids – when we want to get into the pool, we want to get in it!” said Eric.

Eric has discovered even more reasons to love Ariel. “The sound of her paddle wheels has a calming effect, and I love that I do not have to take her out and plug her in. Ariel is solar and charges herself out here in the Arizona sun. Like, no maintenance! Ariel makes my pool less time consuming for my pool pro, and he has made emptying her part of his weekly routine.”

Eric is not the only one raving about Ariel. Hear what Michael, Lauri, Aric and Dawn have to say! If you are interested in coordinating a video testimonial, please email