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How To Manage A Successful Baseball Team & Have A Clean Pool

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"My name is Torey Lovullo  I'm the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I'm a Solar Breeze NX customer because it cleans the top of the pool as good as anybody or anything that I've ever seen and sometimes in my position I'm  required to step away and I know that the pool is always [...]

Hey Arizona – Is your pool ready for the monsoon?

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The Midwest gets winter blizzards and here in Arizona we get summer monsoon and haboobs.  If you don’t know what a haboob is, watch this and be amazed.  Winds kick into high gear, walls of dust roll in and it actually rains. All of this exciting weather activity means one thing for pool owners [...]

Global partnership makes a splash after successful Kickstarter campaign

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One benefit of running a successful Kickstarter campaign for a solar pool cleaner is the worldwide exposure your company and product receives.  While attracting financial backers and early adopters is the prime motivation for launching a crowdfunding initiative, it also leads to creative business partnerships promoting further growth and expansion. Take Solar Pool Technologies (SPT) and [...]

It’s light years of difference – an NX owner shares

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How a Pool Skimmer Changed Everything I have to write a testimonial because this is such an amazing invention!!! All our neighbors own very tall overgrown trees just 20-30 feet in all directions from our pool and with a slight breeze, all their leaves fall in our back yard into our pool! It has been [...]

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