Decks can be the most exciting or dull part of a backyard – it’s up to you! If your existing deck is looking worn-down and could benefit from some TLC, transform it into a space you love again. With the proper amount of color and modern-day conveniences, your deck can be your new favorite space.

Utilize Natural and Bright Hues

If you have a budget to replace your deck, Zuri Premium Decking can transform an old, color-shifted deck into a natural looking hardscape. Zuri Premium Decking comes in a selection of six on-trend colors, including Hickory, Chestnut, Walnut, Pecan, Brazilia, and Weathered Gray. The planks feature minimal grain repetition to capture the look of true exotic hardwood with no painting, staining, or resealing needed.

If you do not have the budget or desire to totally replace the deck, follow these steps for deck maintenance that will make your original deck brighter and longer lasting. Sometimes, a deep clean power wash can do wonders in making anything look new. After it’s clean, you might choose to stain or repaint the deck.

Once the wood tone of your deck is refreshed, have fun with adding pops of color! Think about adding durable throw pillows, a patterned hot tub cover, colorful pots, interesting flowers and plants, a large area rug, and lighting to brighten up the space. Even a pool robot can add hues of lime, violet, and tangerine to your deck view. For color inspiration, check out Benjamin Moore’s variety of complementary and contrasting color palettes. The company declared ‘October Mist’, a gorgeous sage green, as the color of the year.

Create a Functional Space to Relax In

The best way to tempt family and friends to hang out on your deck for a while is to furnish the space and add all of the necessary comforts. On top of being comfy, outdoor furniture needs to look great, stand up to the year-round elements, and fit into your budget. That’s a hefty list, we know. Thankfully, Living Cozy vetted and made a list of the best outdoor furniture companies to buy from in 2022. Whether you’re searching for a modular sofa that’ll give you that relaxing living room feeling outdoors, the perfect dining set for an alfresco meal, or lounge chairs to crash out in on those warm summer afternoons, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

When you’ve got the furniture dialed in, start thinking about accessories that you could use practically on the deck. Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Beach towels displayed on a cute rack for swimmers to dry off with after a dip in your clean pool.
  • An adorable storage bench to pull all of your pool toys in after a day spent swimming.
  • A shade structure to block the sun while you enjoy lunch or diner on the deck.
  • Misters or a large fan to cool you off on a hot summer day.
  • Board games to distract the kids while you and your friend have a chat over an adult beverage. 
  • A television to watch the Arizona Cardinals kick some butt on a gorgeous fall day.
  • Blankets so you can snuggle up to your coffee on a chilly morning.
  • An outdoor space heater for winter evenings spent in the backyard.

Frame your View

If your deck has a great view, show it off! Whether it be of your sparkling clean pool, freshly cut backyard grass, or a natural feature like rolling hills, it’d be a crime to keep an awesome view hidden. Avoid blocking your view with hanging plants or hanging shade structures. Allow yourself and guests to ‘take it all in’ through clean sightlines from the house to the deck and beyond.

There are some fairly easy and conventional ways to put life back into your deck. Put your all into this backyard project and reap the reward when your deck is finally a place where you actually want to spend time.