A swimming pool provides more than just a respite from the heat for you and your family. It also offers plenty of opportunities for fun and games with your loved ones, especially when school’s out.

So after watching your Solar-Breeze NX2 do its routine pool service rounds and guessing what kind of debris it picks up, you and your kids can jump straight into your newly-cleaned pool and play your heart out while cooling off!

So what fun games are out there for you and your kids to try out in your swimming pool? Here are some of those family-friendly pool games that will guarantee a lot of fun under the sun!

Marco Polo

Marco Polo may be an oldie but it’s definitely a goodie. It’s all about hunting and tagging other players in the pool with eyes closed, using only sound to track them down. The seeker or “it” will swim around the pool and saying “Marco,” and the other players must respond with “Polo.” The sound of the responses will help the seeker locate and tag another player, who will then become the “Marco” for the game.

Air Mattress Pile Up

If you have an air mattress, then you have the only tool you’ll need for Air Mattress Pile Up, a fun swimming pool that will test your kids’ balance.

The game is pretty simple: just have your kids pile onto the air mattress, get them to stand on it, and see who will be left standing as the mattress sinks under their weight.  The winner, of course, will be the last kid standing.

Deep-Sea Treasure Hunt

For this game, you are going to need a handful of coins to throw into the pool for your kids to retrieve from the bottom. The coins must be of assorted values, because the winner of this game is not the one who gets the most number of coins, but the one who gets the highest amount of money.

Sharks and Minnows

One person will be assigned as the shark who will camp out in the middle of the pool, while everyone else will be minnows. The minnows must swim past the shark, and the first minnow the shark snags will become the shark once the game ends with all minnows caught.

Duck Push

For this game, you are going to need one rubber duck for each player, who must push them to the other end of the pool by blowing on them or thrusting them forward using only their noses. To make the contest even more exciting, players can splash water on their opponents’ ducks to take them off course. As with any race, the owner of the rubber duck that reaches the other end of the pool first wins.

These are just some of the many fun games you can play with your family in the swimming pool. As always, keep your pool clean and well-maintained, take precautions to ensure that everyone will be safe, and always be there to supervise everything.