The months from June to September are monsoon season in Phoenix. During this time, our city sees some pretty intense weather, including haboobs. Haboob means ‘strong wind’ in Arabic and is essentially a wall of dirt that can travel up to 30 mph, pushed by a thunderstorm cell. This summer, the automatic pool cleaning robot, Ariel, has Arizona customers saying, “Our pool survived a monsoon!”

Pivot-Solar Breeze received this letter from Wendy and Craig, pool owners who ditched the net to protect the pool before the storms:

“As pool owners, we rely on Ariel to keep the pool skimmed.  Because we have so much sun in Arizona, our solar-powered robotic pool skimmer runs around the clock and has done a great job of keeping our pool clean during monsoon season.”

“We live just a block from a mountain preserve, which means lots of blowing dust. In addition, our neighbors have huge pine and Ficus trees. Tons of needles and leaves are blown into our backyard and pool by strong winds. We checked Ariel just after the last storm passed and she had already skimmed up a full load of debris. We emptied the tray and put her back to work.  She continued to pick up floating debris at a pretty fast rate – we were able to empty the tray again and put the robot back to work. Even though there was no sun at this point, the robotic pool skimmer worked through the evening picking up leaves, dirt and pine needles.

The next morning, we filled two trash bags full of debris that we swept from the pool deck and patio. The pool itself was looking great! Very little debris had the chance to sink to the bottom. A run of our pool vacuum finished the pool cleaning job, and we were back in business.”

“We know there are more storms to come in the next couple of months. This is the time of year we really enjoy cooling off in the pool, so it’s important that it stays swim ready.  It’s a relief to know that Ariel will do a major share of the pool cleaning, even in severe weather!”

Wendy & Craig, Phoenix, AZ

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