Mother Earth is one tough cookie, but pool people can do more to help her. Swimming pools are not a shining example of an Earth friendly, modern-day convenience. Pool owners and professionals alike love a clean pool, which sometimes overshadows the fact that simple aspects of regular maintenance can negatively contribute to the environment and climate. Solarize the pool cleaning routine as just one way to easily reduce a home’s carbon footprint.

Earth Day is a movement that calls for everyone to invest in the planet.

Change takes place when we all contribute daily. There are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the U.S. that each emit an average of 15,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually. The culprit is the pool pump, which is run every day to heat, treat, and filter pool water. Without a surface cleaning robot, the recommendation is that you run your pump one hour for every ten degrees Fahrenheit of day-time high temperature. The pool pump is a home’s second largest electricity consumer, after HVAC.

Small lifestyle changes matter. Using Ariel dramatically reduces a pool professional’s recommendations for pump usage. Most customers find that they can reduce their pool pump run time by up to 60% compared to normal recommendations, and still maintain a sparkling clean pool.  Individual results may vary depending on conditions and weather. With a solar-powered pool skimmer on board, every pool can use less electricity and produce far fewer emissions.

Solar-powered pool cleaning is a ‘green’ choice that pays dividends.

Ariel is a sustainable and proven pool maintenance solution that cleans from the top instead of the bottom. Never hand skim again, reduce wear and tear on other pool equipment, and spend less on chemicals and treatments. Solar-powered Ariel operates all day and a few hours into the evening to remove dirt, leaves, pollen, dust, hair and oil before it decays and sinks to the bottom. When debris doesn’t stand a chance at meeting the bottom of the pool, less bacteria grows, and less filtration and sanitization is required.

Pivot Pool Products is on a mission

Pivot Pool Products offers advanced and eco-friendly pool maintenance solutions so that by 2025, the electrical consumption and emissions produced by at least 200,000 pools in the U.S. will be reduced by 60%. Join the effort.

Are you doing your part on Earth Day, and every day? If you’ve taken other steps to make your pool and home eco-friendly, we’d love to hear about it!