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The Aiper Seagull 1500 is a top-of-the-line pool cleaning robot that we’ve been hearing a lot about. Cleaning from the top is the smartest way to clean a pool, and this guy doesn’t do that, but we must say that his ability to climb and scrub walls in a spidey-like fashion is rather impressive!

Having similarities to our favorite super hero just won’t cut it. How does the Seagull 1500’s pool cleaning performance compare to Ariel’s? Our girl comes out on top in many categories – the proof is in the specifications! See for yourself:

Seagull 1500 Ariel
Value $769.99 $558.00
Product Type Cordless Cordless / Automatic
Ideal Pool Size 1614 SF All Sizes
Pool Shape All Shapes All Shapes
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Wall, Waterline Surface
Motor Triple Drive Motors N/A
Scrubbing Type Suction & PVC Roller Brush N/A
Power 65W
Working Cycle Max 90 minutes 10 hours
Charging Time 8 hours Charges solar while functioning
Moving Speed 36.1 ft. per minute 10-20 feet per minute
Filter 250μm Large Filter Basket 200μm Large Filter Tray
Direction Adjustment Intelligent Path Planning Obstacle Avoidance Sensors
Warranty 2 years 1 year

Both pool cleaning robots are smart, cordless, can clean pools of all shapes and sizes and come with a warranty.

That’s about all they have in common. Here’s where Ariel triumphs:

Litter-Robot 3

Cleaning from the top.

While the Seagull 1500 cleans the floor, wall and waterline, for $212.00 less you can have Ariel, a robot that serves as the preventative measure to debris ever reaching the bottom. Surface cleaning that is powered by the sun is the key to a sparkling clean pool. When debris doesn’t stand a chance to reach the bottom, algae and bacteria growth are reduced, and less filtration and sanitization are required.

Powered by the sun.

From what we’re seeing here, the Seagull 1500 takes up to 8 hours to reach a full battery, and only operates for 90-minute increments. “I wanted a cordless robot [so I bought the Seagull 1500] and I wish I hadn’t,” said Mary G, Aiper Customer. “It gets caught a lot on the stairs, but the worst part is it only runs for 90 min before you need to charge it again.” As long as Ariel is in the sun, she recharges herself and cleans all day, plus a few hours into the evening. There are no inconvenient charging breaks.

Ariel by Solar-Breeze

Set it and forget it.

You don’t have to baby sit Ariel while functioning in your pool. Aiper Customer Adewa C. said, “It gets stuck on the drains at the bottom of my above ground pool, so I can’t just put it in and walk away. I have to keep an eye on it because it will spend its entire battery life stuck on the drain. The instructions suggest if you turn off the pool it will not get stuck, which is not true.” Another customer, Ty, said, “ Not really the ‘set it and forget it’ deal to which I had aspired.”

Smart navigation. 

The Seagull 1500 features Gyroscope technology that claims to automatically detect a pool’s size and complete the cleaning of the pool with 15 degree angle adjustments after each pass.  While Ariel’s smart navigation system is less rigid, she does have build in sensors that allow her to detect when she’s approaching an edge or object so she can course correct. Ariel can clean the entire surface of a large pool in 90-minutes.

RoboVac 30C MAX
iRobot Braava Jet M6

A job well done.

In terms of speed, Ariel takes a little more time maneuvering around the pool than here opponent. Ariel travels at 10-20 feet per minute, collecting ultra-find debris, and the Seagull 1500 travels at 36 feet per minute all while scrubbing. Ariel’s mesh filter captures debris down to 200 microns in size, which is smaller than what the Seagull 1500 is capable of collecting. Overall, customers of both are pleased that they capture micro debris, like sand and dust.

Easy to use.

Aiper’s marketing doesn’t include mention of how to remove the robot from the pool or how to remove the debris! Whatever the process, it’s likely not as simple as it is with Ariel. Using Ariel’s ergonomic, non-slop handle, pool owners can easily hoist the 10 lb. robot out of the pool to remove her debris tray before placing her back in. She begins cleaning with a simple press of the power button.

RoboVac 30C MAX

Our analysis of this comparison is that Ariel provides more advantages. We could be biased! Have you personally compared Ariel to the Aiper Seagull 1500? Or dared to use them… together?! Share your findings in the comments!