Paul Sim, the Vice President of Pivot-Solar Breeze was a guest on the November 9th podcast of Pool Chasers to introduce Ariel to pool professionals everywhere as an improved and nimble pool robot to add to their toolkits.

“What we love most from a service perspective is that the Solar Breeze does a lot of the skimming for you, which allows you and your technicians to focus on the more important aspects of the job at each visit,” said Pool Chaser. “Paul and his team have always listened to their customers, and as you’ll hear in the episode, we think their new improvements have knocked it out of the park. You’ll definitely want to add the new Ariel to your team’s arsenal.”


  • 01:57 – Solar Breeze’s supply chain challenges during COVID-19

  • 05:56 – How Solar Breeze has tried to change the paradigm of how pools are cleaned

  • 11:12 – How Solar Breeze helps you put more time into profit-producing activities

  • 17:00 – Pivot International acquisition

  • 21:10 – Ariel’s improvements from the NX series

  • 28:38 – Ariel’s new sensors

  • 34:11 – Ariel’s solar panels

  • 35:39 – How pool professionals can get on the waiting list for the Ariel

  • 38:11 – Ariel’s warranty and price

  • 42:19 – Developing the Skimbot

  • 47:23 – Warranty on NX units