This spring and summer have been especially unique for everyone. Small businesses, including Solar Pool Technologies (SPT) and others in the swimming pool industry are joining the rest of society in attempting to adopt the ‘new normal’. Staying at home has allowed a slower pace of life, but has also got people looking for more ways to stay entertained and sane within their own personal spaces. Some of those ways are classic, like swimming. In March, when pool season and COVID-19 crept in,  SPT saw an explosion of inquires about maintaining swimming pools with our solar-powered pool robot, Solar-Breeze NX2. Our team has been working tirelessly to stay on top of fulfilling orders and answering customer questions. We are grateful for the demand during this challenging time. The testimonials and photos that we have received from our robot’s fans over the last several weeks have been uplifting, and have kept us going. Here are a few of our favorite reviews:

"As a pool professional, I take care of a lot of pools. I have one that has such high tree debris in it I have considered dropping the account because it was so hard to manage. I threw a pool robot in there and wow, what a difference. Thanks Solar-Breeze NX2 for making this pool such a breeze to manage now."

– Dean O.

“Our pool has never been clearer or cleaner. The surface is cleaned by the Solar Breeze NX2 which makes less work for the bottom vacuum. Our pool guy says he wishes that all of his customers had one of these.”

- Vernon S.

"Since the Solar-Breeze NX2 started cleaning the floating trash of my pool, my cleaning time changed from two hours to 10 minutes - and that's just to empty the filter."

– Alfred S.

“My neighbor has a giant leopard tree near my pool, which sheds leaves and flowers through the swimming season, and seeds in the winter. I have had much trouble and expense due to algae and damaged equipment – until now. My solar pool robot gets most of the leaves and flowers before they cause trouble. Best purchase ever.”

– Cathy E.

“If you have a pool near a tree then you must invest in a Solar-Breeze NX2. It’s been going strong almost a year and has paid for itself! Worth the money!”

– Hillary P.

“I have four huge Pine needle trees behind my fence, and the Solar Breeze NX2 picks up every single Pine needle before they get to the bottom of the pool. It’s a lifesaver during monsoon storms and it saves me so much time and maintenance. I’ve had my pool robot for over 10 years now and I could not live without it.”

Lauren A.

“I bought my first Solar-Breeze six years ago and wouldn't trade it for the world! I don't have to skim my pool and less "junk" gets in the pool filter. Best money I've spent on my pool!”

– Vickie W.

"The Solar-Breeze NX2 is the best thing I've ever purchased for our swimming pool! I bought it towards the end of the season last year and did not cover the pool this winter and it has worked very well! The true test is now... spring in the south where we are surrounded by many, many blooming things. I am beyond stunned at how well my pool robot works! Our pool looks great! I love the fact it works on solar energy! It stays in our pool all the time just putzing around picking up everything! Definitely worth the price!"

Jann A.

“I have been working with Kristy to get my tired solar breeze fixed up! She has been amazingly helpful, kind, and courteous. In these trying times she has provided the ultimate in customer service and is a definite plus for the SB family!”

Joan G.

Has the Solar-Breeze NX2 made you love your pool again? Tell us about it below! Not yet a Solar-Breeze NX2 owner, but really want to become one of the fam? Become a member today by ordering now! We cannot wait to hear from you.