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Can’t get enough of surface skimming robots? Solar-Breeze NX2 was our most popular product yet that it once again has sold out. But now we want to introduce you to his sister, Ariel by Solar-Breeze. She comes skimming into your life March of 2021, and is currently available to preorder.

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The Solar-Breeze NX2 operates like a “roomba” for your pool.  This solar-powered robotic floating pool skimmer continually skims the surface, removing over 90% of the dirt and leaves from the top of the pool BEFORE the debris can sink to the bottom and decay.  This means less bacteria growth in your pool, less filtration and sanitation requirements, less algae and you will never hand-skim your pool again.

The water passes through a fine mesh filter to remove bugs and dust, and leave your pool sparkling clean. An on-board chlorine tray holds two 3-inch trichlor tablets allowing the Solar-Breeze NX2 to sanitize your pool as it goes.

  • Cleans your pool with free energy from the sun.
  • Allows you to reduce your pool pump run time by up to two thirds.
  • Never hand-skim again.
  • Your pool is always Swim-Ready and Party-Ready.
  • No cords or hoses.
  • Just remove the unit from the pool and jump in!

While running during the day, the NX2 automatic pool cleaner collects 5 times more solar energy than needed to run it (that’s a lot of juice!)  The surplus power is stored in a rechargeable battery. When the sun goes down, our robot switches to battery power and operates most of the night – pretty cool!

Most pool owners find that by using a Solar-Breeze NX2 they reduce their pool-pump run time by 60%, saving hundreds of dollars each year.  They also use fewer chemicals and never have to hand-skim their pool again. The pool of a Solar-Breeze NX2 customer is always Swim and Party Ready.

Check out the user manual for additional information.

Automatic Pool Cleaner Product information

Product Dimensions 22” x 20” x 7.5” inches
Item Weight 11 pounds
Shipping Weight with packaging 14 pounds  
Shipping dimensions 26” x 23” x 9”
Manufacturer Solar Pool Technologies Inc.
Item model number NX2
Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 23 × 9 in

19 reviews for Solar-Breeze NX2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

  1. titanrick1960 (verified owner)

    The most simple piece of pool equipment I’ve ever owned. Just simply open box remove NX2 robot, power it on and place in pool and let it do its work. Worth the price and free shipping. Can’t wait to see the energy savings.Works just like the manufacturer says. Rich in Norcal.

  2. Tim Valencia

    This NX2 is an absolute game changer . My neighbor has 2 rather large trees that are messy (to say the least). The Solar breeze makes my pool enjoyable again. If you own a pool , this is a must have. I actually called their company headquarters to thank them personally!

  3. Timothy Regan (verified owner)

    I’ve now had my pool robot (I call her Rosie (Jetson’s Reference)) for over a year and can offer a hardy recommendation. ItS called the Solar Breeze NX2 out of Tempe, AZ. It does a great job of keeping floating debris out of your pool. It works lika Roomba on water, but it’s 100% solar powered, it runs periodically, changing directions and path. I use it with a vac-mate no problems. I confidently endorse the product!

  4. Manny Roman

    Going into second year with this great skimmer. In las Vegas we get windy days quite often and this little guy gets 95% of the floating debris before it can sink. I was at a neighbor’s and although nothing big was floating, I was surprised at how much small stuff, including small bugs, floated on his pool. My Solar Breeze keeps this from happening. I am very happy with it as are two of my neighbors who borrowed mine and then bought their own.

  5. Steve Jungers

    My Solar Breeze (alias Agador Spartacus) (Movie Birdcage)100% does exactly what it is supposed to do. Never have to skim my pool’s surface any more. A glorious time saver. I live adjacent to a field of huge number of giant trees. My pools surface is inundated with, not leaves ,but massive amounts of pollen. I used to rake my pools surface 2 to 3 times a day. My Solar Breeze catches every bit of that fine pollen in no time. The surface of my pool is always sparkling clean. It’s a miracle machine I’m telling you!

  6. Nina Hokanson

    I am on my second one and don’t ever want to be without it! I have trees around my pool and this little guy just goes around cleaning all day! So much less skimming for me.

  7. Grandloup21

    Perfect cleaning of the pool surface

    Excellent surface robot to absorb all that floats insects, plant debris, pollen etc.
    The robot runs on solar energy with two-wheel impellers.
    Intelligent operation with reverse when it gets stuck, and motorized wheels at the two front corners to change direction.
    A flat, however. I find that the switch does not look very protected from the rain and the robot is not water proof, which is amazing for a device that floats on the water.
    When it rains, I return it …
    Otherwise I have a flawless pool surface since its use. No more risk of getting stung by a wasp.
    The dip net is almost no longer necessary except to catch drowning mice.
    It’s really the best.

  8. Deidre (verified owner)

    I love my pool rumba. Does a great job. Only negative is it keeps getting tangled in my pool sweep!! Other than that, it is excellent.

  9. Burak Topuz

    What a great product!!! Saves time and keep my pool clean. The best part? Birds hate this thing and afraid to come to my pool to take a shower than poop all over. I already have three 🙂 seriously when i found it was on sale got two more as a back up!!!

  10. Gene Demayo

    Best investment for keeping your pool clean. And when i had called for service i was pleasanty surprised .Suean does a great job and is very helpful and knowledgeable

  11. Sam (verified owner)

    This product works perfectly! I had a major issue with my pool’s cleanliness given the number of trees and flowering bushes in my backyard. No matter how long I ran my ingound filtration system, there would be piles of leaves built up at the bottom of my pool on a daily basis. I was to the point of digging up concrete to install additional skimmers when I heard about the NX2. From the day that I put the unit in the pool, my problem was solved. The NX2 doesn’t let anything stay on the surface long enough for it to sink.
    The NX2 runs all day and most of the night (I am in AZ) without any interaction from me at all. I empty out the basket once/week and have cleaned the solar panels of accumulated hard water stains once in the year that I’ve owned it. That’s literally it. It stays in the pool 24/7 doing its job.
    It’s rare to find a product that you are 100% satisfied with, but I certainly feel that way about the NX2.

  12. heidi durden

    I just purchased. When it is not stuck on the stairs — which it always is—-it will do a good job skimming but i have to go out every 15 min since it just sits there and hangs out spinning on the top stair. Not worth the $600 if it requires me to work. I can get the top debris with a net as often as i’m having to tend to it.

    • Taylor Cole

      We have an attachement to help with it from getting stuck. If you email with your issue they will send you a complimentary attachment. Thank you!

  13. jack

    Professionally written reviews. The price looks outrageous, For something that looks like it should retail for about $79.00

    • Taylor Cole

      Hi Jack! Thanks for your comment! None of our reviews are professionaly written. Some of the reviews that we share in our social media content have been refined to look more professional but the content remains unchanged.

  14. Dan Schwiegeraht

    I thought that it was on the pricey side but after using this for a weekend I is worth the price. No more bugs or leafs in the water for me to net out every morning. Right out of the box convenience immediate results. I couldn’t be more satisfied unless they could make one that delivers drinks on command.

  15. Pezerat

    Produits de mauvaise qualité il n a fonctionné que 4 mois
    les engrenages craquent lors du fonctionnement et les roues à aubes ne tournent plus
    le problème n’est pas dans la conception du robot qui est géniale mais dans la qualité des matériaux utilisés pour sa réalisation et la piètre qualité de la fabrication chinoise …
    très déçu pour un robot que j’ai payé 700 €
    Nécessaire de le renvoyer en Allemagne pour application de la garantie juste au moment où j’en ai le plus besoin

  16. Demi Kazanis

    I’ve owned two solar breezes for years for use in my large pool and couldn’t be happier. We live near a wooded area so a lot of debris accumulates in the pool. So much debris is collected in face my only wish is that Solar Breeze could make an extra large collection tray (not that it’s small now). These were great investments, well worth the price. Exceptional customer service as well. I highly recommend!!!

  17. Bill Gohlke

    Love it, works exactly as advertised. Living in central valley California we have several months of sun. My wife unpacked it, check the tray, added 2 chorine tabs, put it in the pool turned it on and it went to work

  18. Ranga Ayyagari (verified owner)

    Coolest product ever. Works non-stop. Able to avoid pool robot hose. Collects every bit of floating debris. Extremely happy with this purchase. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a slimmer robot. Saves hours of manual skimming.

  19. Aiman elashkar

    I think this machine is a lifesaver beside the point it’s an excellent machine I loved it I can’t be more happier but the customer service super super good they were helpful they were patient i had a small issue they Solved it I was really happy with the company and the machine I recommend it highly recommend it

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