Life is Fantastic with a Barbie Themed Swim Party!

Whether you’re organizing it for your little ones, your friends, or even yourself, a Barbie themed pool party is a guaranteed way to make a splash and create unforgettable memories. From the décor to the activities, we’ll guide you through all the steps to host the most glamorous and fun-filled Barbie pool party ever!


Start the excitement by sending out fabulous Barbie-themed invitations. You can find pre-made invitations online or get creative and design your own. Make sure to include all the necessary information like date, time, location, dress code (encourage guests to wear their best beachwear or even Barbie-inspired outfits!), and RSVP details.

Barbie-tastic Decorations

Transform your poolside into a Barbie paradise with dreamy decorations. Use a color scheme inspired by Barbie’s iconic pink, white, and touches of glittery silver. Hang colorful streamers, balloons, and beach towels featuring Barbie motifs. Scatter pink flower petals or eco-friendly glitter around the pool area to add that extra sparkle. For easy pool surface clean up, use a solar powered pool skimmer before and after the party.

Barbie Pool Party Dress-up

Encourage guests to channel their inner Barbie with a dress-up station. Provide a variety of accessories like sunglasses, hats, flower crowns, and temporary tattoos for everyone to create their unique Barbie look. Don’t forget to set up a photo booth with Barbie-themed props, so guests can strike their most fabulous poses!

Refreshing Treats

No pool party is complete without delicious snacks and refreshing drinks. Serve up some pink lemonade or fruity mocktails in Barbie-themed cups or cocktail umbrellas. Offer a selection of finger foods, such as mini sandwiches, fruit skewers, and colorful cupcakes decorated with edible glitter. You can even consider a Barbie-shaped cake as the centerpiece.

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Poolside Games and Activities

Keep the fun going with a variety of Barbie-inspired games and activities. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Barbie Fashion Show: Organize a fashion show where guests can strut their stuff, showcasing their fabulous Barbie-inspired outfits.
  2. Mermaid Treasure Hunt: Toss some Barbie-themed toys and trinkets into the pool and have guests search for them like mermaids on a treasure hunt.
  3. Barbie Limbo: Set up a limbo pole and challenge guests to see how low they can go, just like Barbie dancing on the beach!
  4. Pool Float Race: Have a friendly race using fun pool floats, and the winner gets a Barbie-themed prize.

Barbie Goodie Bags

As the party winds down, send guests home with delightful Barbie-themed goodie bags. Fill them with small Barbie toys, candy, stickers, and anything else that fits the theme. It’ll be a sweet way to thank them for joining in the fun!

Hosting a Barbie themed pool party is a surefire way to create lasting memories and bring joy to everyone involved. With these tips, your pool party is bound to be a hit and leave guests talking about it for years to come. From the invitations to the decorations and activities, let your creativity shine through, and you’ll have an unforgettable Barbie extravaganza that will have everyone saying, “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!” So, dive into the fun, embrace the Barbie spirit, and get ready for a summer celebration that’s simply fabulous!