Make a splash! How to perform the best cannonball.

Cannonball splashing is not an Olympic sport, but maybe it should be because it is certainly an art. According to a Popular Mechanics article, when a body hits the pool’s surface, water is displaced to make room for the plunging object, a.k.a. you! The water has no place to go so it shoots upward in a ‘radial jet’ which leaves the water at 20 to 30 times the impact speed. These performance tips will help create the biggest radial jet to soak everyone around:

  • Be safe. Never run on the deck. If the pool does not have a diving board, accommodate. Plan to jump into the deepest end from a standing start, away from the pool side.
  • Gravity helps. Physics tells us that the higher you leap before hitting water, the more gravity will help you create waves.
  • Hang loose. The more surface that hits the water, the bigger the splash, so keep a loose form. Hold your elbows to the sides as you place your hands around your legs, knees apart. The article also says that the impact speed and object shape are critical. “The more rounded, the object (or human) is, the larger the jet will be. Weight is also a factor, since heavier objects will form deeper air cavities.” If you are serious about making the biggest splash, change your external chemistry by making yourself more hydrophobic – this means you put on your best wet suit or coat yourself in Vaseline. What a sight!
  • Land it. Your bottom should touch the water first as your slightly angle back. Keeping your knees apart will help them avoid driving into your head during impact. If you can keep your eyes open, enjoy the horrified faces of those about to get drenched!

There you have it! Get to splashin’ this summer!