Ariel says pools get dirty from the top!

Debris that sinks to the bottom of the pool always floats on the surface first. Thanks a lot, gravity! Removing debris before it sinks with Ariel, a solar pool skimmer robot is the practical method to keeping a pool crystal clear and healthy.

Save Time

Hand-skimming the pool before you swim indicates that you have to earn your swim time, and is a painstaking job that is nearly impossible to do perfectly.

Save Money

Run your pool pump less, spend less on chemicals, and extend the life of other pool cleaning equipment.

Be Swim Ready

With Ariel, it’s swim time at the exact moment that you say it is.

pivot how you clean your pool from $235

Ariel is a solar-powered pool skimming robot that removes large and micro-sized debris from the surface of any pool. She is equipped with obstruction sensors and multidirectional navigation to collect leaves, pollen, dust, dirt, hair and more through a fine mesh filter, and into an oversized collection chamber. When the window between her solar panels indicate that the non chemical dispenser robot is full, hoist her out of the water using a non-slip handle and easily slide the debris collection tray out to empty.

Save Your Time
for Better Things

Constant cleaning from the top is the most effective way to maintain a clean pool.

By the time debris sinks to the bottom of a pool, it has already decayed and created bacteria. Ariel removes debris from the surface before it sinks to produce less bacteria and algae growth. You cannot be out at your pool hand skimming 24/7 – let Ariel handle that instead.

Pool Owners #LoveAriel

From saving time, to saving money, to an always swim ready pool, once pool owners go bot, they never go back.

My Crape Myrtle trees were going to be removed because the blooms are a nuisance around my pool – Ariel has saved these trees. I am surprised how much debris is picked up and stored on the tray.

Kris via Amazon

The amount of pool scum that Ariel picks up is amazing. Ariel works as soon as the sun hits the pool and after dark to tirelessly do the tedious job that I was doing 4-5 times daily – but it has much better results. Ariel skims the pool for 12-15 hours a day which is more than I ever did or want to do!

Frank via Amazon

I love Ariel! She collected a one-inch layer of cottonwood pollen in a day’s time. Less vacuuming and skimming!

Cindy via Facebook

One of my customers literally has 50 trees in their backyard, and I am so impressed with Ariel on her first run straight out of the box after a monsoon storm.

Tim of Paradise Pool Boys

She is a pool person’s favorite gadget & gizmo

“Ariel does a great job because of her fine mesh filter – she cleans things out of the pool that you cannot even see on the top,” said Aric. “It’s amazing what shows up in the tray when you take Ariel out of the pool.”

“It’s a new adventure for us to have a pool after all of these years,” said Dawn. “When we first put it in, we were a bit nervous about what was going to float into the pool and how we were going to keep it clean.”

Pool Pros

Profit on every sale, spend less time at service calls, spend more time other aspects of maintenance, and maintain happy customers!

Pool Owners

Daily use of a solar-powered pool skimming robot has numerous, long-term benefits that all lead to an ultra-clean pool.

Pool Dealers

Offer customers an advanced pool cleaning solution.


Hours of Runtime


Pool Pump Time Reduction


More Debris than Skimmer Inlets


Less Chemicals Needed

Stay All Day in the Sun

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