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New Year. New (Better) Way to Clean Your Pool. Check out the Solar-Breeze NX.

The Solar-Breeze NX revolutionizes pool cleaning in a smart, simple and sustainable way.

Pools collect leaves, dust, pollen and other debris all day long. Debris typically floats for 3-4 hours before it decays and sinks to the bottom. By then, it has already produced the bacteria that feeds the growth of algae in your pool. So why wait for all that debris to sink?





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Total Sanitizer Distribution.

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No Grid Energy Here.

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Automatic Debris Collection.

Solar-Breeze NX is Downunder.

Hey Aussie pool owners! We have just the robot for you. Ordering for Australia is active, and your Solar-Breeze NX cannot wait to meet you. Order now.

“Absolutely perfect. Life was a nightmare with leaves, pollen and stuff in the pool. I would be cleaning the pool every hour. I put this guy in the pool, it is tether-less and solar powered so you have nothing to worry about. Just empty it out every week and boom. I didn’t have to clean the pool all summer.”

Fall in Love with Your Pool again. Order today.

Pools = High Energy Costs + Large Carbon Footprint

Did you know that one swimming pool in America outputs the same amount of pollution yearly as an SUV? That pool pump usage, resulting in 4.5 Mega Watts of energy a year, is very costly and not environmentally friendly. With traditional pool cleaning systems, you don’t have the option of running the pump fewer hours because the pool is only being cleaned when the pump is running.

Solar-Breeze NX changes this.

Save Energy & Money. Order today.


A rear paddle powers the unit through the water, while a front paddle scoops the surface debris into a collection chamber. It filters the water through an ultra-fine nylon mesh, preventing 90-95% of dust and debris from re-entering your pool. Powered bumper wheels on the front corners of the Solar-Breeze NX rotate and re-direct the unit each time it connects with the pool wall.


The Solar-Breeze NX is NOT dependent on grid-energy. Unlike other pool cleaning systems, it is completely un-plugged, with no cords or hoses, and works whether the pool pump is running or not. Using free solar energy, the robot continuously cleans the surface of the pool all day long. During this time, excess energy is stored in a rechargeable lithium ion battery, powering the unit well into the night.


The unit needs to operate in all sizes and shapes of pools. Sensors and software allow the robot to know when it is no longer making forward progress and instructs it to backup and turn slightly to extract itself. There is also a programmed back-up cycle to ensure that the robot covers the entire surface of the pool every 2 hours. Recent software improvements include a Hunt-for-Sun modification to reduce the amount of power drawn by the motors creating greater energy efficiency.

It’s like a “roomba” for your pool.

Tired of hand skimming? Order today.


To simplify your backyard living or to have the “techiest” pool on the block, we have the solution for you. Solar powered robot pool cleaner. Doesn’t get much techier than this!

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solar breeze nx robot in the water

On Sale now for $539

Pays for itself within the first year!

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