Five Reasons to Adopt a Solar-powered Pool Skimming Robot

By the time debris sinks to the bottom of a pool, it has already decayed and begun creating bacteria. Removing debris from the surface before it sinks yields less bacteria growth, which allows pool owners to run their pool pump less, spend less on chemicals, and extend the life of other pool cleaning equipment. Keeping a pool crystal clear and swim ready at all times is a painstaking and seemingly impossible task for the average pool owner. For Ariel, it’s a total cake walk. In this blog, understand the value that the daily use of Ariel provides. Here are five logical reasons to adopt a solar-powered pool skimming robot:

1) Consistent surface debris removal maintains a pool’s cleanliness and health between professional visits.

Invest in technology that lightens the pool pros work load! A pool professional’s talents go far beyond hand skimming, and with Ariel in the pool, service techs have more time to handle other important aspects of pool maintenance. “Since I adopted Ariel, my pool tech says that I have the cleanest pool on the island,” said Don C.

2) Removing debris from the surface of a pool prevents organic material from sinking and decaying, resulting in less algae and bacteria growth. 

At the root of many typical pool problems is one common culprit: organic debris in the water. Fouled filters, algae outbreaks, high chlorine demand, water balance issues, hazy water and waterline scum buildup are often caused by micro debris that are difficult to filter out such as pollen, dust, oil, hair, soil and fertilizer – the list goes on! Why do traditional pool cleaning methods focus on cleaning from the bottom instead of the top? Ariel’s fine mesh filter captures debris of all sizes to prevent them from sinking and decaying.

3) When microorganisms are not present in a pool, the need to chemically sanitize is reduced, resulting in treatment savings.

People add chlorine to pools as a way to kill germs. What’s interesting is that when chlorine interacts with organic material in pool water, the process actually renders the chlorine unavailable to disinfect. Essentially, high levels of organic material in pool water makes chlorine consistently unable to do its job, which forces pool owners to add more chemicals and attempt other fixes to keep the balance. Why not just keep it simple? Reduce bacteria in the pool by removing debris before it sinks in order to decrease chemical consumption. Chlorine is expensive and in shortage – enjoy the savings!

4) When microorganisms are not present in a pool, the need to sanitize through pool pump filtration is reduced, resulting in energy savings.

Using Ariel dramatically reduces a pool professional’s recommendations for pump usage. Most customers find that they can reduce their pool pump run time by up to 60% compared to normal recommendations, and still maintain a sparkling clean pool. Individual results may vary depending on conditions and weather. “With Ariel, we have been able to cut our circulating time in half, and only run the pool pump at night,” said Mary F. “Not only is the electricity cheaper, but Ariel makes going swimming an easier experience during the day.” Ariel owners also find that using the bottom cleaner is less frequently needed.

5) With a reduced pool pump runtime, the lifespan of pool maintenance equipment is extended.

When pool cleaning equipment isn’t used as frequently, it will be in great shape when eventually put to use, and will also last longer than manufactured to. “I have no doubt that Ariel will help with the wear and tear on my pool filter system,” said Debi M. “My pool sweep only cleans up what falls to the bottom of the pool. This amazing little bot efficiently cleans off the top surface of the pool, whether it is leaves, pollen or dead bugs. It is especially effective after we have had winds blowing leaves and debris into the pool. My pool has never been so sparkling clean!

Now that you’re convinced that solar-powered pool skimming is an ideal, advanced pool cleaning solution, learn about the unique features that make Ariel the best choice for pool owners.