Modest ways to enhance a backyard living area

If you feel like your pool area is not as enjoyable as it once was, spruce up the environment so that you can love your backyard again. Here are modest and moderate budget ways to change the atmosphere.

Illuminate the pool with floating lights

Floating pool lights lend a magical touch of personality to the pool. Brighten up with water with LED or solar.

Get your groove on with handheld speakers

Time in the backyard is always improved with music. Look into water-proof speakers that you can use pool-side or even take in the water with you.

Buy greenery to increase Zen

Select potted plants or flowers that do well in warm, moist conditions, and that won’t shed a ton of the debris into the pool. Add even more color to the area by painting the pots as a fun DIY craft.

Let the sun clean your pool

Put a solar-powered Solar-Breeze NX2 in the water to skim off any debris that might land on the surface. Your friends are definitely going to ask for more information about this pool robot that keeps your pool swim ready.

Maximize poolside relaxation with a hammock

You no longer need two trees to enjoy a hammock because there are some awesome footed options available. Sway by the water – sounds like bliss!

Get comfy patio seating

If you don’t have a cushy place to sit or hang out, it’s no wonder you’re not enjoying your backyard as much! Consider how you want to use your backyard – do you want to enjoy a meal on the back patio? Play board games with friends? Drink sweet tea while reading a book? Cozy, colorful furniture can make a backyard.

Buy in-pool seating

If your pool has a ledge or Baja shelf, an in-pool chaise or lounger will take your pool relaxation to a whole new level and is ideal for tanning and staying cool.

Gather around a fire

If you intend to have friends and family over, ending a pool day with a warm fire and s’mores is picturesque. Whether steal or stone, a fire pit adds a welcoming charm to any backyard.

Enjoy your backyard this swim season with these easy-to-add backyard accessories.