Host a Holiday Party in Your Backyard Winter Wonderland

States that aren’t hit by severe winter weather at an advantage when it comes to holiday party locations. This winter take the party outside by hosting a gathering that highlights your backyard space and puts your sparkling pool at center stage! Here’s what Solar Pool Technologies recommends you do to host an amazing bash:

Turn the pool area into a winter wonderland.

Your pool is party ready because you have the Solar-Breeze NX2! Now it’s time to create a festive ambiance! If you have a pool gate, wrap it in garland, lights, and bows. Drop a few super cute holiday pool floaties in and add green and red pool lights to make the water come alive with the spirit of the holidays. Decorate outdoor plants with dazzling ornaments and pave the way with artificial snow.

Raise the pool temp.

Not everyone will want to swim at the thought of eventually getting out of the pool into colder temps, but some might, especially kids! To offset the cold weather during your winter party, start running your pool heater at least 1-3 days before the event, with the target temperature being between 84-88 degrees. Have plenty of warm towels and extra articles of warm clothing handy. Nights are cold, even here in the desert. Let your guests know that the party will be outdoors so that they come prepared with jackets and hats.

Get a fire going.

Offer a warm welcome by lighting a fire! No built-in fire pit, no worries! There are plenty of portable fire pits on the market that will keep your guests cozy. Make sure to stock up on wood if it’s not gas powered, and have plenty of comfy seating available.

A party is only as good as the entertainment!

Organize a secret Santa exchange with guests in advance. Here’s how:

  1. Create a list of guests that agree to participate in the game.
  2. Have everyone send 1-2 gift suggestions for themselves.
  3. Draw names to randomly assign a Secret Santa to each player. Email or text the players to let them know their assigned name. Keep a top-secret list of who is assigned to whom.
  4. At the party, make sure each gift is tagged with the recipient’s name, but not the gifter’s!
  5. Exchange gifts! Let each player guess who drew their name and reveal themselves!

Play games or other entertaining party games throughout the evening. You could even have an outdoor movie projector to watch a Christmas classic with friends.

Finally, break out your favorite Christmas jams! Playing festive music will set the mood. Look to Spotify or Youtube to find the perfect playlist.

Serve hardy foods and warm drinks!

Keep the hot grub coming one by one! Zesty chicken chili, hamburgers, beer-cheese fondue with crusty bread and apple slices, taco lasagna, you name it! Invite each guest to bring an appetizer and have plenty of sweet goodies around like cookies, brownies and chocolates. Hot chocolate and apple cider will keep the holiday evening feeling extra special.