Find solace from the sun by building your own shaded area in preparation for summer! There are three different types of structures to keep the rays at bay for your day by the pool. Learn more in this blog:

DIY Ramada

The ramada (sometimes referred to as a pavilion) is ideal if you are looking for complete shade from the sun. It has a closed, pitched roof and is built as an unattached frame from your home. That means it is the perfect structure to build next to your sparkling pool! A ramada is a typical choice if your backyard dawns a wet bar or audio/video/electrical accessories!

DIY Pergola

A pergola is the best choice if you want a little bit of shade and a little bit of sun. This is a partially shaded construct, usually with a flat, latticed roof. It can be made as an extension to your home or made to be freestanding! The columns that support the roof are perfect for plant life to grow. If you’re opposed to your pergola dawning a leafy look, add some outdoor curtains and string lights for a sleek finish. Enjoy an open, airy day by the pool while you relax under your pergola.

DIY Gazebo

A gazebo has an octagonal, pitched roof usually with a vaulted ceiling. It is built separately from your home and provides partial shade. This dreamy build is circular in shape and makes us want to live out our favorite RomCom moments. Traditionally made from wood, your gazebo can also be built from steel, iron, vinyl, or aluminum. Add screens to the side to keep the bugs away!