Turn On. Drop In.

Tan Out.

Skimbot is the smartest, whole solution to take over the pool industry. Now let her change how you clean your pool – forever.

You have a pool so you can enjoy it, not so you can clean it. With Skimbot, you spend more time splashing and virtually no time cleaning. The best part? No installation, hoses or pool pump needed. Skimbot comes equipped with Iot capabilities, letting you manage your pool from the touch of an app.

Skimbot pool cleaning robot with orange trim
  • Remote Control

Intuitive controls let you take over Skimbot. Guide her to debris or send her to the pool’s edge when time to pull her out.

  • Unique Schedules

Set awake times, side wall washing and power usage, all based on the needs of your pool.

  • Bluetooth

Connect Skimbot to your Android or iOS device without the need for Wi-Fi.

app screen overlaid on top of photo of skimbot in pool
  • Warning Notices

Too hot? Too cold? Low power? Skimbot will let you know what’s up.

  • Anti-Theft

Skimbot can be locked from the app so no one can take her and try to use in their pool.

  • Silent Mode

Mute alarms and notices as needed.

“I have used the Skimbot every day now for about 5 months and it has performed great. It removes leaves, bugs, pollen and cottonwood seeds. I used to have to net by hand everyday. I no longer use the net. Saves me a whole bunch of time. I have it set to run 30 mins then pause for 1 hour and Eco on the edge cleaning mode. This allows it to charge and run all day without running out of battery power. I am still amazed at the technology in this bot. I think it is awesome and would definitely buy again.”

John, Verified Owner

HOT ITEM: Skimbot is a new-to-market solar powered pool cleaner that focuses on surface cleaning with IoT capability.