Hand skimming: Fabulous. Outrageously fun. Outstanding. Lovely. Sublime.

Here are some seriously amazing perks to taking the time to skim your pool with a net!

Hand skimming is Fabulous because you can feel that wonderful burn.

Drink a protein shake before your daily hand-skimming workout. Using the net gives you the opportunity to test your flexibility and feel your mortality as you crouch down on your hands and knees to scoop gunk out of your pool! Do you feel the strain in your back, knees, hands, arms, neck and beyond yet? Great, that means you’re making huge gains. Take two aspirin and call us in the morning.

Hand skimming is Outrageously fun because you have the chance to save hopeless wildlife.

You spot a bee floating in the water that might still be breathing. Finally! The chance to perform a rescue mission! You extract the bee from the pool with your hand, and as a thank you, the bee stings you. Its death was inevitable. You attempted to be a hero – be satisfied.

Hand skimming is Outstanding because there are easy alternatives when the net fails.

Even with the pool net extension, you still can’t reach the center of the pool. No worries, you have options! You can get in the pool (fully clothed if you’re in a hurry) and scoop until you prune. Or just stick your feet in the water and kick splash all the nasty to the side. If you can bare to wait a few days, the remaining debris may make their way to the side of the pool and cling onto the wall so you can scrub them off. Who said hand-skimming can’t be fun?!

Hand skimming is Lovely because it fills up all of that empty time on your hands.

Finding things to do in the summer is a challenge and having surplus free time can be straight up overwhelming. Can you relate?! Just wait until that warm-weather storm comes blowing through your yard! Eight hours of unused time has now been filled! Leaves, sticks, bugs, dirt and small animals now inhabit your pool. Whether you choose to wade through the muck or collect from the sidelines, you’ll definitely keep busy!

Hand skimming is Sublime because you can get really creative.

I bet you’re wondering how you’re going to get microscopic particles out of your pool on your own – we have the answer for you. Grab an old sock! Get on your hands and knees by the edge of the pool and drag the sock through the water. This will act as a filter for the super tiny stuff! It doesn’t always work, but “not always” is not “never”! Who wouldn’t give this sometimes fool-proof DIY trick a try?

If you found the word ‘FOOLS’ any where in this blog, you are not one. April Fools, everyone! Give Ariel a try. For real.