With the global solar power market seeing moderate growth year after year, utilizing clean solar on the daily isn’t such a far reach for the average consumer. Since 2007, Solar Pool Technologies has created automatic pool cleaners that reimagine how pool owners integrate clean solar energy into their lives. In 2018, we launched the Solar-Breeze NX2, a new and improved model of the “Roomba for your pool” that has saved owners time, money and energy since it debuted. If you’re not saving time, money and energy in 2019, you’re doing it wrong! Here are a few reasons why you should switch to solar pool cleaning with the Solar-Breeze NX2 this year:

  • Your pool will be happy year-round! The Solar-Breeze NX2 removes even the finest material from the pool surface and continues paddling even after the sun goes down.
  • The Solar-Breeze NX2 reduces a pool’s carbon footprint by allowing your pool pump to run for fewer hours each day, which is great for the environment!
  • Savings on chemicals, maintenance and run time means that the Solar-Breeze NX2 pays for itself in just 6 months.
  • You will never hand skim a pool again. Save time – ditch the net!
  • You will enjoy your pool more! It’s swim time, not skim time. Just remove the unit from you pool and jump in!

Stop waiting, it’s time to make the switch to solar powered pool cleaning in 2019! Check out our offerings here.