The weather is still cool (or maybe frigid where some of our readers are!) and it’s not peak algae season, but pool owners should know what kills algae in pools.  Probably even more important is knowing how to prevent algae from ever taking hold of your pool.  When it comes to algae, the best defense is a good offense. We’re in favor of stopping algae before it starts.

Algae is a microorganism that is very successful at growing and multiplying in all conditions.  Like all organisms, algae need food, energy from the sun, and water to grow. Leaves and dust fall into the pool carrying seeds, spores and bacteria.  All of these, and the leaves themselves, are algae-food.

The tiny but tough algae that are commonly found in pools are:

  •       Green (and Blue)
  •       Yellow, or Mustard
  •       Black

The remedy for each type of algae will vary, so it is important to take a water sample in to your local pool store, have it tested and make sure you have the correct algaecide product.

So what kills algae in pools? Killing algae involves adding the recommended algaecide chemical, brushing the pool vigorously and frequently and running your filter to remove the dead algae from the water.

  • The recommended treatment for Green algae is chlorine-based shock.  This can be in granular or liquid form.
  • Copper algaecides are most effective to fight Mustard algae, and also help to control Green.
  • Black algae is the most difficult to get rid of because it forms a protective barrier around itself.  Physically scrubbing and brushing the area is particularly important for this type of algae.

After you’ve killed the algae with the proper algaecide, you’ll need to add a clarifying product (flocculant) that will cause the skeletal remains to sink to the bottom.  You then filter the water to remove the remains, backwash your filter to remove both live and dead algae from the system, and finally, put preventative measures in place.

The most effective way to prevent algae from occurring again is to remove the organic matter that it feeds upon. The Solar-Breeze NX is a solar-powered pool skimmer that continuously skims the surface up to 20 hours a day, using only solar power. It also dispenses chlorine as it travels the surface of the pool.  This continuous coverage is really important.  You can’t fight the war against algae with just few hours of hand skimming and expect to win.

Another preventative measure is ionizing your pool water using a solar powered ionizer that releases a constant stream of minerals into the water. Ionized water kills algae before it starts and is perfectly safe to swim in.

A Solar-Breeze NX in your pool is the best line of defense against algae. Plus, it saves the time and effort of hand skimming and allows you cut the running time of your pool pump.  Try one in your pool today.