With a Solar-Breeze NX solar robot continually skimming the surface of your pool and distributing chlorine, you don’t need to keep the bottom cleaner in your pool (or that pesky hose). So why are we talking hose weights? If you have a vacuum or bottom cleaning robot that is driven by the pool pump and crawls the bottom on the end of a hose, you can take it out and enjoy your pool without hoses or cords. Just put the bottom cleaner in the pool when you want to tidy up any debris that got past the Solar-Breeze NX. Being hose-less makes your pool even more inviting without any clutter or obstruction to your swimming activities.

Reasons the Hose Stays

Some of our customers choose to leave the bottom cleaner and its hose in the pool for a couple of reasons:

  • They are going on vacation for more than a week and want the pool spotless when they return
  • Physical difficulty in removing the bottom cleaner
  • No place to store the bottom cleaner when it isn’t in the pool


If you decide to leave the bottom cleaner in while your Solar-Breeze NX is working, the hose may become an obstruction for the Solar-Breeze and prevent it from covering the surface of the pool thoroughly and regularly.


Just Add Hose Weights

It’s a simple problem to solve.  Just add weights to the hose and give the surface robot 2 inches of clearance.  Depending on the length of the hose and whether there is a basket, you will need anywhere from two to four hose weights.  Hose weights come in different gauges and colors.

With the hose held 2 inches below water, the Solar-Breeze NX will continue to skim the surface. This reduces the hours per day that you need to run your pump, filter and bottom cleaner.  The picture above shows a customer’s pool with weights on the hose to hold it underwater.  The Solar-Breeze NX doesn’t get hung up on the hose. It continues to do a great job of cleaning over 90% of debris from the surface.  Adding a few simple hose weights can keep you on track to save time and money this pool season!