Update On Solar-Breeze NX Engineering and Production

//Update On Solar-Breeze NX Engineering and Production

The new Solar-Breeze NX is in the final assembly stages and the first container load (800) units is scheduled to ship from our manufacturing facility at the end of March with an expected arrival to our Arizona facilities by late April.  Two weeks later another container will arrive, and a third two weeks after that.  Immediately upon receipt we will begin shipping our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers.  You should expect your Solar-Breeze NX to arrive at your home during the month of May in time for the start of your pool season.

We realize that our original plan when we launched the Kickstarter campaign last fall was to deliver the Solar-Breeze NX to our customers in February.  However, as we have mentioned in previous communications, we are committed to providing you an excellent product and refuse to accept anything less.  In all there are 214 individual parts in the Solar-Breeze and we have re-designed and re-engineered about a quarter of those to create the NX.  We’ve developed new tires, gear platforms, LEDs, paddlewheels, operating software… and the list goes on. We even changed the profile of the pontoon in the water.   The process of re-engineering has involved 17 brand new or modified plastic injection molds.

PictureThe bulk of the improvements in the Solar-Breeze NX are in the parts you don’t see – the interior workings.  These parts have been redesigned for strength and durability and the improvements have changed their overall size and shape.  All of the components fit snugly into the top housing or roof of the robot.  We have also added gussets at various points to make the unit stronger.

During testing and trial assembly, we found that 3 of these components – the pontoon, top housing, and gear platforms – did not meet the fit and quality standards that we have set for the Solar-Breeze NX.

It’s not unusual in new product development to have some minor fit issues, and we are committed to getting you a product that meets or exceeds your expectations.  We have made the required additional changes and tested those components to ensure the meet specifications and requirements.

In addition, we discovered during testing, that the printed circuit board supplier had sourced a key component from a manufacturer that was different from the manufacturer we specified.  The substitute component did not perform to our standards.  The supplier has changed out that component with the correct one and testing of the boards indicates that they are working as specified.

We know our customers are relying on us to get the product right and not take shortcuts.  If delaying delivery means that the Solar-Breeze NX will perform as expected and meet or exceed our customer’s exacting standards, then our collective patience will be amply rewarded.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sending communications out to each of our customers and backers individually with more detailed information on planned delivery for your specific order.

Thank you for your patience and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to email CustomerService@Solar-Breeze.com.

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