Top 5 Pool Cleaning Supplies for Every Pool – Solar Breeze

//Top 5 Pool Cleaning Supplies for Every Pool – Solar Breeze

So you’ve finally moved into that house with a pool.  It’s going to be awesome! Along with the fun side of pool ownership, there is the maintenance side.  We’ve put together a helpful short list of essential pool cleaning supplies for pool owners.

Essential Pool Cleaning Supplies

Water Test Kit

In order to know what chemicals you need to add to your pool, it’s important to test your pool water.  A water test kit is a must-have.  Kits can be simple to comprehensive. Some kits test for a complete range of factors including calcium hardness, combined chlorine, cyanuric acid, free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity. Understanding the test results allows you to add the correct chemicals to clean and balance your pool water.

Solar-Breeze NX robotic pool skimmer

Having a robot that skims your pool virtually around the clock will keep your pool much cleaner than hand skimming ever could.  This is important because when debris that blows into your pool (like leaves, grass, pet hair, flower blossoms, and dirt) is allowed to sink, it starts to decay. This can lead to bacteria and algae growth.  The Solar-Breeze NX travels around your pool and picks up 90-95% of that debris before it can cause problems. Your pool water stays sparkling clean and swim-ready!

Tri-Chlor tablets

These basic pool cleaning supplies can be put in a floater, or better yet – put into their designated tray in the Solar-Breeze NX.  As the robot travels around the pool, it dispenses just the right amount of sanitizer with no work on your part.

Pool brush & telescoping pole

A brush and pole will help you loosen debris around the edges of your pool and any decayed matter on pool walls and bottom. You can also use the pole with the vacuum head and hose.

Vacuum head and hose

Even if your pool cleaning supplies include a Solar-Breeze NX, you’ll have to vacuum the pool occasionally.  The vacuum head can go on the telescoping pole, and the hose connects the vacuum head to the pool skimmer suction hole or vacuum opening in the side of the pool. Fine dirt and any sunken debris can be sucked into the pool’s skimmer.

Keeping these essential pool cleaning supplies on hand will ensure that your pool is clean and ready to enjoy all the time.  With a Solar-Breeze NX in your pool, your cleaning time will be cut drastically, along with the time required to run your pool pump. You’ll save not only time but money on energy costs, too.

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