Three isn’t always better than one.

//Three isn’t always better than one.
The Solar-Breeze NX incorporates many improvements over the previous version of this great solar robotic pool cleaner.

And now…..

We have added a brand new feature that you are going to love! Completely new design!  The original Solar-Breeze and the original NX design had a three-piece debris tray.  We are thrilled to announce that the NX will now have a one-piece tray!


One-Piece Debris Tray & Filter
We have been testing a stainless steel filter mesh for some time with a number of customers who act as beta test sites for new ideas.  The feedback from these users has been overwhelmingly positive. During discussions with our suppliers, we discovered that it would be possible to mold the screen directly into the tray which we believed would make it easier for customers to use as well as improve the overall performance of the machine.  Consultation with a number of our long-time users supported this decision so we decided to move forward with the change.

Old design: A nylon filter mesh was held inside the black plastic tray with a white plastic coarse filter grid. This worked just fine and captured all sizes of debris, however the fabric filter would sometimes get lost or would look dirty.   You had to disassemble the 3 piece tray for rinsing and cleaning and then put it back together before re-inserting it into the pontoon base.

New design:  Gone is the fabric filter and the white plastic grid!  The new debris tray is an integrated plastic tray and coarse grid molded over a fine mesh stainless steel filter screen to create a single-piece debris tray/filter.

Emptying the debris compartment and rinsing the tray will be a snap.  You will turn the unit off and lift it out of the pool.  Take it to the trash or compost bin, slide the tray out, and dump the contents into the bin.  Then you will give the tray a quick rinse and slide it back into the base of the unit until you hear the click.  Recharge the chlorine dispenser and your Solar-Breeze is ready to go again.  Easy and clean.

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