This summer hit the pool instead of the gym

//This summer hit the pool instead of the gym

Did you know that keeping your pool swim ready with a Solar-Breeze NX can help you stay in shape?  Standing in the hot sun while you wrangle your hand-held skimmer net and push it through the water to catch debris can be a workout in itself, but there are better ways to use your pool for health and fitness.

When summer heat makes walking or other outdoor activities less appealing, jump in the pool for a workout instead.  You might think that “water aerobics” are wimpy moves for senior citizens. Not true! Water provides resistance that can make even simple movements more effective at building strength, without stressing your joints. Plus, you can expect to burn 400 to 500 calories per hour doing aquatic exercise when you move quickly and incorporate both upper and lower body.

You can warm up in your pool by simply walking back and forth across the pool briskly, moving your arms through the water.  Increase your heart rate by moving on to high knees or half jumping jacks. recommends aquatic kickboxing for an in-pool workout.  Underwater jabs, crosses and hooks give your upper body a great workout, and you can kick against the resistance of the water to work your legs.  There are many introductory videos to aquatic fitness moves on YouTube. Pretty much any standing workout you can do on land, you can do in the pool and get added benefits.  You can also add some swimming or kickboarding to round out your routine.

This summer, use your pool to get moving and stay healthy. Do less cleaning and spend more time enjoying the benefits of having a pool. The Solar-Breeze NX not only skims the pool continuously for you, it dispenses chlorine while it travels the surface of the pool, keeping your pool sparkling clean and workout ready.

Looking for the right pool cleaner to make sure you can have a clean pool to workout in? Then check out these reviews on – you’ll find a review for our very own Solar-Breeze NX, just so you can get additional information before deciding. Happy swimming!

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