Is your dog a swimmer?  Some pups just can’t stay out of the water.  Sharing the pool with family pets is a lot of fun, but dogs can be hard on your pool if you are not careful.

Even after your pup takes a quick dip, you will probably see dog hair floating on the surface of your pool.  When dogs swim frequently, this can really become a problem for your pool equipment.  Dog hair can clog your skimmer or pump basket, put a strain on your pool pump and possibly lead to costly repairs if not monitored.

Using a solar-powered robotic pool skimmer, like the Solar-Breeze NX2, in your pool is a great solution for pool owners with dogs.  After you and your pooch are out of the pool, the Solar-Breeze can go to work, continually skimming the surface of the pool.  It collects the dog hair, as well as leaves, blossoms, grass clippings, bugs – anything that makes its way to the surface of your pool. This prevents clogging of your built-in skimmer basket and pump basket. It also keeps your pool clean and swim ready – no one wants to swim in a hairy pool!

Although properly balanced pool water is safe for your pup to swim in, dogs can have a negative effect on the chemistry of your pool water.  If your dog is frequent swimmer, the chlorine level in the pool may drop significantly.  The Solar-Breeze NX2 sanitizes the pool as it skims, using two Tri-Chlor tablets stored in a sliding tray.  Always check your pool water chemistry after heavy human and dog use to ensure it stays balanced and sanitized.

Don’t let pool safety go to the dogs when your pooch is swimming!  Dogs need supervision and if they love swimming, will need you to tell them when to rest.  An excited retriever can swim for hours!  Be sure your dog knows how to swim, and where the pool steps are.  If people and dogs are swimming together, be sure to supervise – an excited dog can knock someone underwater quickly.

After swimming, it’s a good idea to rinse your pup with the hose to remove chlorine, which can dry skin and fur.  When everyone is out of the pool, pop your Solar-Breeze NX2 back in the pool and let it do the cleanup for you.  Two paws up!