Ken R., Chino Hills, CA
It’s one year with the Solar-Breeze in my custom pool at my post-modern home. The unit has worked very well, saving me over $100/month on my electrical bill, and keeping my pool clean 24/7. Speaking as a patent agent, builder of custom homes, and attendee to over 50 trade shows each year nationally and internationally, I have to say that the Solar-Breeze is an outstanding, ground breaking, “green” and creative product. It’s difficult to imagine not having this unit in my pool. It also makes the pool healthier.
Marilyn G., Ottawa, Canada
I love my Solar-Breeze. I never have to do the top of the water … it’s always clean. My friends love it too!!! I told my pool dealer about it and he was going to send the info to some of his clients who get a lot of seeds and leaves in their pool.
Marcia P., CT
I live in Connecticut and have an in ground pool that I enjoy from April through October. I invested in 2 things to enhance the swim season. #1. a heater #2. SOLAR BREEZE!!! When opening in April, I have! ,pollen, helicopters, spinners and cotton wood tree debris. Solar Breeze removes any and all of that before it sinks to the bottom! The first 2 weeks of using it, I did NOT have to skim or vacuum the pool, saving time and the filter. Denis could not have been more helpful!


Jim M., San Diego, CA
The previous owner of our home must have had it out for us. He planted 12 Eucalyptus trees upwind from our 32,000 gallon pool. We purchased the home, and inherited his mistake. Now reaching over 50 feet tall, the trees provide great shade—while constantly shedding their leaves into our pool. What’s more—when they sit on the bottom of the pool, they discolor the plaster. A friend mentioned his colleague had purchased a robotic pool skimmer—and she couldn’t believe how well it worked to keep leaves out of the pool. After finding the Solar-Breeze online, I have to admit I was skeptical. It was a significant investment—and could this unique product really handle the hundreds of leaves that end up in our pool each day? After much indecision about the cost, I finally took the plunge. I have to say, the Solar-Breeze is worth every last cent. It expertly cleans the surface of our pool each and every day. I could only hope to be as productive in my work as this robot is in our pool! We have gone from netting leaves out of the pool three times a day, to netting leaves maybe 2-3 times each week. The few leaves that reach the pool bottom are quickly removed by our pool vacuum when it runs reduced hours each night. Together, they are the perfect combination that keeps our pool crystal clean. Thank you Solar-Breeze for living up to the promise, and providing expert customer service since I invested in this product 2 years ago.
Larry W., Bullhead City, AZ
I just have a few comments to make regarding the Solar Breeze and the service I have received since I have owned the unit. I could not be any happier with the unit and the customer service department. Every time I have had an issue with the unit the service department has taken care of the problem in a professional and timely manner. The unit operates fantastic in all types of weather. I have 3 mesquite trees very near the pool and they are constantly dropping leaves, twigs, yellow balls, white flowers or some sort of debris into the pool. Solar Breeze takes it all in and helps keep my time spent cleaning the pool to a minimum. I would not be without it, ever. So, if you are thinking of getting one, do not hesitate. It is an excellent product backed by a caring and thoughtful service team.
Brough D., Gilbert AZ
Purchased Jan 24, 2014 and put into use that afternoon. Noticed excellent results immediately. Surface leaves and dirt gone within a half hour and the pool has remained so for the week. This is going to be a great help to keeping my pool sparkling clear. Not one leaf made it to the bottom of my pool since my Solar-Breeze started service. Wonderful!! Thanks Solar-Breeze for making my life easier and my pool clean. It meets all expectations!
Tom, Phoenix AZ
Tom, Phoenix AZ
I have to say, it’s pretty amazing. After having it for just a few months, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend the money again knowing what I know now. I NEVER have to skim my pool any more, unless I’ve taken it out of the pool. It runs throughout the night and never stops unless I switch it off. I never see leaves and debris on the bottom of the pool any more, and more importantly, I rarely have to empty the skimmer basket or the pump basket any more. It’s so nice to be able to go out and jump in without having to skim first, I just can’t even tell you how much I and my ! back appreciate it!
Absolutely beautiful and swim-ready ALL THE TIME! I really can’t say enough good things about Solar Breeze at this point. All I can say is please keep making them. I wish your company all the success in the world. This is an outstanding product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who owns a pool. Thank you!
Scott & Debbie L., Tempe AZ
I have had my Solar-Breeze for a little over two months now. My pool has never looked better. I have a very old pool with no fancy cleaners or cleaning systems. I used to run my pool pump about 10hrs a day during the summer months. That has now been reduced to 6hrs. a day and my water is crystal clear. I am so pleased I got one for my sister in San Diego. Her pool is surrounded by all sorts of trees and bushes and it has been a nightmare for them just trying to keep it clean. The latest pictures they have sent me show a beautiful sparkling pool. My father says he has to empty his Solar-Breeze about 3 times a week. My Solar-Breeze had its first real test last night with a monsoon storm blowing in. My wife told me I should go and check our pool because the wind was so strong last night. Well, I did! It was all clean, so I decided to check my Solar-Breeze and it was loaded with leaves and junk. All I can say is “Just wonderful, completely wonderful”! I would recommend this product to all pool owners.
Mike W. – Phoenix, AZ
I have owned my Solar-Breeze for the past 2 ½ years and it has been the best investment for my pool. I have lots of trees in my back yard and during the peak summer months debris gets blown into the pool making it messy for my family to swim while I am away at work. With the Solar-Breeze, the cleaner keeps the pool surface clean and allows my kids to swim without the added nuisance of debris. I would recommend the Solar-Breeze to anyone who has a pool – definitely worth the price of admission. The company is very service-oriented and makes a point to make sure their customers are completely satisfied.
Joan G., Simi Valley, California
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using the solar breeze. It really helps keep the pool clean. I hated having to skim it all the time because the wind is constantly blowing things into the pool. With the Solar-Breeze, I only have to empty the tray when it fills up. It has been great and the customer service is wonderful as well. Thanks.
Lynn K., Overland Park, Kansas
I have had my Solar-Breeze for over two years. I love it. We live in the mid-west and have strong storms and many trees so those leaves love to get into my pool on a windy day. I have abandoned the long pole with the leaf net only because of my Solar-Breeze. My back is so happy. The staff and customer service is exceptional. You will not be disappointed if you purchase one.
Dave D., French Camp, California
Just wanted to give you a brief update on the SB, particularly after our high winds & all the leaves they recently blew into the pool. SB did a great job, despite LOTS of leaves. Electrically, the unit has been working flawlessly—great battery life, consistent motor performance, good reversals out of problem spots, etc. Reliability has been amazing! Again, the unit has been great—a big help through the fall debris season!
Les N., Phoenix, Arizona
Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know how well my Solar-Breeze pool top cleaner is working. The thing I like about it is it keeps working even when I am taking a nap!. It requires little or no maintenance. Just add a chlorine tablet once in a while and empty the tray. Ya gotta luv it!!!
Kathy, Pennsylvania
We received our Solar-Breeze last Monday. We lost power from Hurricane Irene on Saturday night and had some debris in our pool on Monday morning. I used our Aquabot and hand cleaned the surface as well as I could but was so happy to see our Solar-Breeze arrive that afternoon. It worked like a charm and also served as a chlorinator for our pool until power was restored a few hours later. The water looks terrific.
Susan B., Tucson, Arizona
Hi, we would like to share with you our recent experience with our solar skimmer. Over Memorial weekend (Sunday) we had a very windy day in Tucson. Preparing for the forecasted winds I cleaned the unit that morning, and then on Monday morning we pulled out our solar skimmer and discovered how much it had collected; we were astonished. Please note, where we live we have many mesquite trees and year round they are dropping either their leaves, pods, stems or yellow flowers. It has been an unusual windy season for us and our pool has been hit hard with debris from our trees. The timing of our purchase couldn’t have been better.
Thank you for a great product and the wonderful work it does.
John P., Tempe, Arizona
I have been a Solar-Breeze owner for over three years, and have beta tested different versions as Solar Pool Technologies continuously upgrades this product. The Solar-Breeze just gets better and better – longer operating time with improved batteries, better “smarts” to work around obstacles in your pool, and a more robust design for longer life. It is great at skimming the surface of the pool, keeping the pool cleaner, and catching debris before it hits the bottom, especially in the monsoon season of Arizona. Great product, and one that makes pool maintenance much easier and less costly!
John V., Phoenix, AZ
I learned about the Solar-Breeze when I was approached to handle the shipping of this product. I was so impressed that I had to have one for myself. Solar-Breeze has been a tremendous asset in helping me keep my pool clean. It’s nice to know that I can come home from a hard day of work and enjoy the pool rather than spend time cleaning it. Great product!! You should get one of your own.
Rene R., Gilbert, AZ
We have hundreds of plants in our backyard around the pool and hand skimming debris from the surface was something we were constantly doing. Since acquiring the Solar-Breeze, our maintenance time for the pool is way down and our enjoyment is way up.
Peter A., Glendale, AZ
We had one of the original Solar-Breeze pool cleaners that we traded in for the new model. We were without one in our pool for a few days during the exchange. I couldn’t believe how much we missed it!! I had to dig out my hand skimmer again. The good news is that the new model works even better than my old one.
Maureen K., West Palm Beach, FL
Thank goodness for our new Solar-Breeze pool cleaner. I was getting so tired of skimming our pool by hand we were thinking about filling it in!! We get a lot more enjoyment out of our pool now that Solar-Breeze is doing all the hard work. And the electricity savings are just a nice little bonus.
Ralph B., Phoenix, AZ
Since I put the Solar-Breeze robot in my pool, I’ve cut my pool pump use down to 2 hours a day and I only brush my pool once a month.
Joe M., Santa Barbara, CA
This is a great new money-saving product from a reputable company. Every pool owner should have one.
James W., Glendale, AZ
I am very happy with my Solar-Breeze. The top of our pool is perfectly clean now, and previously it had heaps of debris from all the palm trees that surround it.
Dominick Z., Fort Myers, FL
I am very pleased with the overall performance of the Solar-Breeze. This is great new technology which saves me time and money! As with all new technology, there were some “gremlins” that needed to be worked out; I had to ship my unit back for repairs which were completed in a timely manner and at no charge. It is refreshing to see a company stand behind their product and deliver such wonderful customer service. Your email newsletters with helpful tips are great too!

I would recommend the Solar-Breeze to anyone looking to spend less time maintaining their pool and more time enjoying it.

Jacqueline S., Los Angeles, CA
The Solar-Breeze is doing a great job, thank you for inventing it! The surface is always clean!
Karen R., Scottsdale, AZ
Karen R., Scottsdale, AZ We have palm trees near the pool that make a terrible mess of the water. Ever since we’ve had the Solar-Breeze it’s been much easier to keep the pool clean. I’ve attached a picture of how it has picked up the palm tree seeds. We’ve cut our pool pump used in half and our chlorine use is way down, as well!
Scott L., Drouin, Australia
Scott L., Drouin, Australia
I just wanted to share a picture of what our Solar-Breeze picked up in under 6 hours. The frog jumped out before I could get my camera. We decided to take over our pool maintenance to save some money, but wanted to make it as easy as possible. To anyone else wanting to do the same, I highly recommend the Solar-Breeze. It is an investment you won’t regret.
Very happy!!