Learn About the Best Swimming Pool Tips for Winter

swimming pool winter tips

In many parts of the country, you don’t need to go through the complicated process of closing your pool for the winter. Your pool is not only for recreation, it’s often an important feature in your backyard landscape. Follow these 8 swimming pool tips for winter to ensure your pool stays healthy, looks beautiful and requires minimal work.

1) Keep your pool clean and free of debris

Autumn brings falling leaves and winter winds can dump those into your pool. Even if you are not swimming, it’s important to keep your pool as clean as possible.  Using a Solar-Breeze NX, the solar-powered robotic pool skimmer, takes the labor out of cleaning your pool in winter.  It works virtually around the clock to capture debris on the surface of the pool, before it has a chance to sink and decay.  It keeps your pool sparkling clean throughout the winter.  In fact, many of our customers tell us that winter is a time when the get the most value out of their Solar-Breeze NX, because they don’t really want spend a lot of time keeping their pool clean when they’re not using it – but they really want it to look nice.

2) Maintain Proper pH Levels in the Pool

Continue to test your pool’s pH levels weekly to ensure the water is staying balanced. Extreme pH levels can lead to staining and will make it harder to balance your pool when you are ready to swim again.

3) Reduce Chlorine

Keeping the proper pH balance will allow you to cut the amount of chlorine you add to the pool. The hot summer sun can cause chlorine to break down and evaporate more quickly. Along with less hot sun, there will be fewer people in the pool as well, so less chlorine is required. If you are using a Solar-Breeze NX in your pool, it holds two tri-chlor tablets that evenly dispense sanitizer as it travels around your pool.

4) Watch for Algae

Although most algae thrives in hot summer temperatures, pool owners in regions with warmer winters can experience algae growth year-round. It’s important to keep the pool free of debris, as well as maintaining pH and chlorine levels to keep water clean throughout the winter months.

5) Protect Pipes from Freezing

There are few freezes in Arizona, but it’s a good idea to run your pool pump during the coldest hours overnight. You will be able to decrease the number of hours you run your pump during the winter when the pool is not in use, and using a Solar-Breeze NX to keep the pool skimmed can cut that energy use even further.

6) Special Freeze Precautions

If a freeze is expected overnight, you can wrap valves that tend to freeze easily. Locate your water supply pipe and the anti-siphon valve and simply wrap them with a towel when a freeze is predicted. If you aren’t away from home periodically during the winter and want to make sure you don’t experience damage from freezing, you can install a monitor that will turn the pump on automatically when temperatures drop.

7) Don’t forget pool safety

It’s easy to forget about pool safety when it’s not swimming season. Be sure to stick with supervision and pool safety plans all year round.

8) Enjoy the View

Pool lighting and water features can add dramatic elements to your backyard all year long. Keeping your pool open and sparkling clean with a Solar-Breeze NX means you can enjoy your pool no matter what the season.

Take the worry out of your pool this winter.  Follow our 8 swimming pool tips for winter and let the Solar-Breeze NX do the work for you.