Autumn is here, which finds many pool owners in need of swimming pool leaf collector tips.  Fall leaves are beautiful when their colors are blazing on the trees, but autumn leaves can become a real problem when they fall into the swimming pool.  The large volume of leaves that fall can require almost constant skimming of the pool to keep the water clear and prevent a buildup of leaves on the bottom of the pool.

If you are simply using a net on a long skimmer pole for a swimming pool leaf collector, be prepared for a workout!  Wet leaves are heavy and if you wait too long between skimming sessions leaves can build up to several inches thick on the bottom of the pool.  You can try using special leaf rakes, pool brushes or vacuum attachments to attack the layer of leaves, but this is extremely time consuming.  When leaves are falling fast, you’ll have to repeat this process numerous times throughout the season.  Be prepared to give up your Saturday mornings to leaf collecting!

The other downside is that by the time the leaves have sunk to the bottom of the pool, they are already decomposing. This results in fast bacteria growth in your pool.  You may even see your pool water turning brown if you neglect this repeated cleaning process.  With a major time investment, you may be able to get the bulk of those slimy leaves off of the bottom, but the fine particles of decomposing matter are hard to remove from your pool water.

The smart solution to the challenge of falling leaves is to use a swimming pool leaf collector that works constantly to skim leaves from the surface before they become a problem. The Solar-Breeze NX is powered completely by the sun and has an internal rechargeable battery. This smart robot travels the surface of your pool for up to 20 hours a day, scooping up leaves as they hit the surface.  Floating debris usually remains on the surface of the water for 3 to 4 hours. Because the Solar-Breeze NX covers the entire surface of most pools in under two hours, it prevents 90-95% of that debris from sinking.

Debris captured by the robot is collected in a compartment that can hold approximately twice the volume of the pool’s skimmer basket – That’s a lot of leaves!  The tray is easily pulled out and emptied by the pool owner every few days. The unit also holds two 3-inch Trichlor tablets for sanitizing the pool and neutralizing organic matter in the debris chamber.

The Solar-Breeze NX is the swimming pool leaf collector that can solve your autumn pool problems. But, it also works constantly throughout your swim season to keep your pool sparkling clean. Because the Solar-Breeze NX does such a great job at capturing debris, pollen, pet hair and even lotions and oils from swimmers, you can dramatically cut your pool pump running time all summer long.

This fall, spend time doing what you love instead of skimming leaves out of your pool.  Order your Solar-Breeze NX today.