Solar Pool Technologies Donates to Pal Experiences for Arizona Gives Day & Beyond

On Arizona Gives Day, which is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, 2020, Solar Pool Technologies will donate $10 to Pal Experiences, for each Solar-Breeze NX2 sold. Pal Experiences, an organization dedicated to promoting community inclusion for families impacted by Autism and non-visible disabilities. They have been making major strides for inclusion in Arizona and beyond.

With Pal’s support, in a November 2019 ground-breaking win for inclusion, Mesa, Ariz. was the first city to become Autism Certified through an IBCCES program. Mesa Parks, Recreations & Community Facilities were among more than 60 businesses and organizations to become Certified Autism Centers. There are now eight public pools in Mesa that are certified, with IBCCES having trained the Parks & Recreation Department in specialized areas for helping individuals living with Autism.

This new momentum for inclusion and accessibility stems from the powerful work of Pal Experiences, where two of their Pal Places, OdySea Aquarium and Butterfly Wonderland, also became CACs with the IBCCES program in Mesa. These trainings focus on the back-end HR aspects, while Pal Experiences creates the front end digital access tools, making Pal Places accessible for those who think differently. The IBCCES program is an added bonus that OdySea Aquarium and Butterfly Wonderland engaged in.

“My son has a developmental disability, so the work Pal Experiences is doing in our community hits especially close to home,” said Hana Ruzsa, Solar-Breeze marketing director. “We are honored to partner with this amazing local nonprofit so they can continue making a critical difference for so many families like ours.”

One in six children in the U.S. has a developmental disability, including autism. Seventy percent of impacted families feel socially isolated. Pal Experiences was created to help more than 40 million Americans with non-visible disabilities to more successfully engage in their communities. Pal creates digital tools that connect individuals and families impacted by autism and related intellectual and developmental disabilities with businesses and public venues inspired to offer them a better customer experience. Pal is a Phoenix-based nonprofit with a vision of developing a vast network of “Pal Place” partners in entertainment, hospitality, education, healthcare, and beyond.

Learn about more Pal Places in Arizona and make a donation.

About Arizona Gives Day

Arizona Gives Day is an annual giving movement that celebrates philanthropy in Arizona through online giving. The event helps raise awareness about the critical role Arizona nonprofits play in our communities and inspires people to give generously to create a thriving and stronger Arizona for all. Since 2013, Arizona Gives Day has raised more than $17 million for nonprofits statewide.

Donate to Pal

Not only is Solar Pool Technologies committing to donating back to Pal Experiences from each of the Solar-Breeze NX2 on April 7th, but they also partnered with NexGen Partner Strategies and their NexGen Giving Program to give donations on-going to Pal. How? NexGen Giving takes a percentage of the merchant processing fees to run credit cards and sends that money straight to Pal.

“It has been such a great program already, and now I am excited that we get to give even more this year with the match on sales,” further explains Ruzsa.