Solar Pool Supplies on Every Pool Owner’s Wish List – Solar Breeze

//Solar Pool Supplies on Every Pool Owner’s Wish List – Solar Breeze

Discover the solar pool supplies that are on every pool owner’s wish list.

Swimming pool owners can take advantage of a wide variety of energy saving technology for their pool. It’s great to enjoy the warmth of a sunny day poolside, but the sun can do so much more for pool owners. These solar pool supplies can keep your pool looking great and cut energy bills at the same time.

Solar Cleaners

One of the most effective solar powered pool innovations is the Solar-Breeze NX automatic pool skimmer. This robot travels the surface of your pool for up to 20 hours a day, powered completely by the sun. Its internal rechargeable battery allows it to operate at night and even on cloudy days.

The robot collects the debris it captures in a compartment that can hold approximately twice the volume of the pool’s skimmer basket. Its fine mesh filter traps pollen, pet hair, and even lotions and oils that are left on the pool’s surface. The Solar-Breeze NX stops problems before they start by picking up debris before it sinks and starts to decay. Because leaves, dirt and other debris is picked up so quickly, the water stays cleaner and pool owners can drastically cut the amount of time the pool pump runs. This can save pool owners money on energy costs.

Solar Pumps

Add a solar pool pump to your list of solar pool supplies for additional energy savings. These pumps can move water through your sand or cartridge filter using energy generated by photo-voltaic solar panels.  These are the same types of panels used to supply solar power to homes.  Pool owners who install a solar pool pump may receive a state, federal or utility tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of the system.  

Solar Heaters

In addition to using solar power to keep your pool clean, pool heaters are popular with energy conscious pool owners.  There are a variety of solar pool heaters on the market today. Some collect water that warms in the sun and then pump it back into the pool.  Others take warm water from the surface of the pool and use the pool’s pump system to recirculate it into the deeper water.  Some pool owners combine a solar heater with a solar cover to keep water extra warm in cool weather.

Solar Lights

Solar pool lights can add a fun touch to your backyard environment.  Floating solar pool lights come in many shapes and colors and create a great party atmosphere at night.  You can even add a solar powered underwater light show to your list of must have solar pool supplies.

Why not take advantage of the sun’s warmth and energy to keep your pool clean and warm?  A great first step in cutting energy bills and keeping your pool swim ready is to put a Solar-Breeze NX to work in your pool.  You’ll be amazed at how little energy it takes to keep your pool sparkling clean with the help of the sun.

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