Solar Heating for your Pool

//Solar Heating for your Pool

You know by now that we’re fans of solar solutions that save on energy costs and create more efficient systems for pool owners.  Kevin and Terri Riley have developed an innovation solution for pool owners that turns passive solar heating into an active process with a very inexpensive addition to your existing pool filtration system.


Let’s start with the sun.

It beats down on the pool and heats the water – at least the top few inches.  That solar energy takes a pretty long time to penetrate to the depths of the pool, because heat rises.  The first month of warm days in the spring sees a gradual solar heating of the pool.  But, every cool night sucks the warmth out of the water and the sun has to start the process all over again in the morning, when only the surface water is warmed up.  The key is to get the warm surface water deeper into the pool and circulated to spread the heat as it rises.


Next, pool design.

With traditional pool plumbing systems, the return lines and jets are located about 8” to 12” beneath the water line.  As the sun heats the surface water of the pool, the pump re-circulates the warm water back through the return jets across that same slice of the pool.  The 80% of your pool that is cold water, stays cold.


Now, the solution!

how heat snorkel solar heating worksThe Heat Snorkel is an extension to your return lines that takes the warmed water down to the bottom of your pool.  Warm water is pulled from the surface, through the pump, returned to the pool and snorkeled down 2 to 5 feet.  Warm water rises to the surface from a greater depth, increasing circulation and heating a greater volume. The Heat Snorkel is so simple, yet ingenious! It only takes a few minutes to replace your return jets with solar heating Snorkels.  Then, instead of taking days to warm your pool, it will take hours. Circulating warm water to the bottom of the pool will allow you to extend your swim season and enhance enjoyment of your pool.

“This product heats my in ground pool in 1/3 of the time it used to take. GREAT product I would recommend highly.”
Linda B – Newton, NJ

The Heat Snorkel has additional benefits to pool owners. Using the Snorkel in the down position moves water throughout the entire pool instead of only on the surface. This, in turn, prevents dead spots in the pool, meaning less vacuuming, less algae growth, and better chemical mixing and disbursement.  Because you can change the position of the Heat Snorkel, you can adjust your return jets for massage and better recirculation.  Flipping the Heat Snorkel to an upward position creates a fountain effect, and can also cool your pool in the heat of the summer.  And, of course, since the warming power of the sun is free, pool owners can save on energy costs as well.


get a solar heating massage with heat snorkelSide Note.

Massages – Enjoy incredible heated under water and above water massages from head to toe. That’s  literally enough to make us say YES.

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