How do the Solar-Breeze NX2 & Polaris Quattro Sport Stack Up?

At a recent Leslie’s Pool Supply tradeshow, the Solar-Breeze NX2 met the popular Polaris Quattro Sport. There they were, face to face – two products that were designed to devour debris. Here’s the run-down on each, you decide who does it better!

The Polaris Quattro Sport looks somewhat like a mini toy car for your pool. The company states that the pool vacuum sucks up small and extra-large debris, and boasts 4-wheel-drive agility to aggressively climb walls and brush the waterline. While there are plenty of rave reviews, our research has also found that customers say it gets stuck when climbing vertically on walls, that large debris get caught in wheel bearings and the top lid, that it does not clean corners or stairs well, that it needs a larger storage bin, and that it gets tangled up in its feed line. The pressure cleaner is powered by a booster pump which is sold separately for an additional $280. Features of the Polaris Quattro Sport include:

MSRP: $1,149.99

  • Ideal for all ground pool surfaces
  • Multidirectional navigation
  • Powered by a booster pump (sold separately)
  • 4-wheel-drive agility for floors, walls and waterline
  • Fine, large and extra-large debris intake with triple-venture jets
  • Dual-stage filtration, large capacity canister
  • Climbs from floor to wall to brush fine, stuck-on debris at the waterline

The Solar-Breeze NX2 was designed with the intent to lessen the need for a bottom cleaner by gobbling up 95% of large and micro-sized surface debris before they have the chance to sink and decay. The result is a perpetually sparkling pool, free of algae and bacteria growth, that requires less filtration and sanitation. Members of the Solar-Breeze NX2 family love that the pool robot is fully powered by the sun and is free of hoses and cords. Its debris tray is double the size of a traditional pool filter basket, and the unit can withstand severe rain and dust storms. Its lithium ion rechargeable battery is intended to last for two years, and if the unit needs a tune-up our Rx for NX is available for $150. Complimentary attachments are available for ease-of-use in beach entry pools, pools with rock outcroppings, and pools with challenging corners and edges. Features of the Solar-Breeze NX2 include:

MSRP: $628.00

  • Ideal for all pool surfaces
  • Multidirectional navigation
  • Powered by solar-energy
  • Collects fine, large and extra-large debris
  • Debris tray holds double the capacity of a traditional skimmer basket
  • Ability to distribute chlorine & administer shock treatments
  • Skims the pool’s surface 24/7
  • No cords or hoses
  • Reduces pool pump run time by 60%
  • Reduce wear and tear on other pool equipment
  • Spend less on chemicals, treatments and cleaning services
  • Second-to-none customer service!

Have thoughts on this pool cleaning match? Let us know below!