It is best to close your pool when the temperature of the water is consistently below 60 degrees. If you do not live in a sunbelt state and are preparing to experience fall followed by a harsh winter, the time to close a backyard pool is often from mid-September to early November. Now is a good time to start making plans to close the pool.

Storing the Solar-Breeze NX2 while the pool is closed is essential. The pool robot does not feature cords, hoses or attachments, so removing it from the pool is as easy as turning it off, lifting it out of the pool, draining excess water, cleaning the unit and drying it. Fully charge the robot before storing it inside.

There are several steps to properly closing a pool. If you are not experienced at this process, it may be wise to have a friend or pool professional help you. Closing a pool requires execution of the following steps:

  • Clean and test the pool water
  • Drain the pool below the skimmer
  • Blow out the lines
    • Remove return fittings and skimmer baskets
    • Remove all drain plugs from the filter system
    • Set the multiport valve to recirculate
    • Set your pump valve to the skimmer line
    • Attach air compressor to the pump
    • Turn on the air compressor to start blowing lines
    • Use a shop vac to remove water from the skimmer
    • Plug up the return jets
    • Turn the pump valve to the main drain line
    • Turn the pump valve back to the skimmer line and shut off the air compressor
  • Add winter chemicals to the pool
  • Put on the winter cover

If you are attempting to close the pool on your own, click here for detailed video instructions. Be safe this winter, and we will see you next pool season!