Monsoon has officially begun in Phoenix. Along with thunderstorms, we often see Haboobs – huge walls of desert dust powered by high winds descending on us, covering everything with a layer of reddish dirt.  No matter where you live, crazy summer weather can definitely be a challenge for pool owners.

Solar-Breeze owners often ask us if their robotic pool skimmer can be left in the pool when it’s raining.  The answer is, Yes! Because the Solar-Breeze NX2 is solar powered, during extended periods of rain it will most likely go into stand-by or sleep mode until the sun comes out again. However, if it has been a bright sunny day and thunderclouds roll in at the end of the day, the Solar-Breeze NX will continue operating on power stored in the rechargeable battery, as usual.  No need to run out and skim the pool after winds blow debris into it during a thunderstorm! The skimmer will continue to float in the pool and operate until the battery reaches a pre-determined low-voltage level.

If your Solar-Breeze NX2 does see a lot of rain or dust, it’s easy to clean the unit.  It’s also a good idea to clean it when you notice any kind of calcium or mineral deposits starting to form.  For cleaning water spots and dirt, just use a mixture of warm water and soap (for mineral deposits, wipe with diluted mixture of CLR and water), and dry with a soft cloth. You can also use household glass cleaner to clean the solar panels.

And when it’s HOT out there (115 degrees, anyone?) be sure to leave your Solar-Breeze NX2 cooling off in the pool with the switch ON, to protect the battery.

We have to leave it up to Solar-Breeze owners to use your best judgement when weather drama makes an appearance.  We have heard tales from customers about Solar-Breeze floating pool skimmers surviving tornadoes and a wild microburst in Australia while still keeping the pools clean. While we’re proud of our tough robots, we can’t say we recommend that!

Have questions about using the Solar-Breeze NX2?  Contact us for more information.