If you are a pool owner, you’ve got to learn how to skim a pool.  There’s no way around it.  You will treat your pool with chemicals and ensure the water circulates through the filter regularly, but skimming is one of the most important elements of keeping your pool clean and swim-ready.  This article covers three ways to skim a pool.

#1 Automatic Pool Skimmer (Our Favorite Way!)

The easiest and most effective way to skim a pool is to let a robot do it for you! The Solar-Breeze NX is a solar powered robotic pool skimmer that works virtually around the clock to pick up leaves, flowers, grass clippings, bugs, hair, dirt and even residue from skin lotions. Anything that hits the surface of your pool is scooped up by the robot and stored in a tray that is easily emptied every few days.  Because the Solar-Breeze NX works constantly, debris doesn’t sink to the bottom of the pool and decay.  This keeps your pool significantly cleaner and reduces the amount of time your pool pump needs to run.  Simply turn the power switch on, place the Solar-Breeze in the pool and empty the debris tray every few days or when it’s full.

#2 Manual Skimming

Manual skimming is the next way to skim a pool.  This involves a fair amount of physical exertion, especially if you don’t do it frequently enough!  You will need a telescoping pole and either a flat skimmer net or a net bag to catch debris in the pool.  The bag will hold more leaves and debris but can be heavy to lift when full of wet debris, and challenging to empty. You need to skim your pool daily, but need to realize that a fair amount of debris will sink to the bottom of your pool in between skimming sessions. This will require more time vacuuming the pool and running your pump.  To manually skim a pool simply attach the skimmer attachment to the pole, skim the surface and shake the debris off of the net.

solar breeze nx seen above from a drone in scottsdale pool#3 Pool Cleaning Service

The third option for skimming a pool is to hire a pool cleaning service.  The benefit to this option is that a pro will provide additional services that keep your pool clean, such as brushing, vacuuming and adjusting chemical levels.  The downside is that you should still skim your pool in between visits from your cleaning service. Debris that sinks to the bottom of the pool over several days will rapidly decompose, creating bacteria and a fertile environment for algae growth. This can cause major problems for your pool and may require additional treatment and added expense. A growing number of pool service professionals recommend using a Solar-Breeze NX in addition to their services, because they know the robot’s powerful skimming capabilities give them more time to focus their expertise on other areas of your pool. If you are considering hiring a pool service, research pricing and ask other pool owners for referrals to reputable local companies.

This year, make a commitment to keeping your pool swim-ready and energy efficient.  The Solar-Breeze NX is the worry -free solution to your pool skimming needs.