If you are a pool owner, pool skimming is a must. Skimming is one of the most important elements of keeping your pool clean and swim-ready, in addition to treating your pool with chemicals and filtering the water regularly. Here are the top three ways to keep your pool consistently skimmed. 

#1 Automatic Pool Skimming

The easiest and most effective way to skim a pool is to let a robot do it for you! Solar-Breeze NX2 is a solar powered robotic pool skimmer that works around the clock to pick up leaves, flowers, grass clippings, bugs, hair, dirt and even residue from skin lotions. Any debris on the pool surface is gobbled up by the robot and stored in a tray until you empty it every few days. The Solar-Breeze NX2 works constantly to get all debris off the surface before sinking, which prevents decay and bacteria. Use of the pool robot keeps your pool clean and reduces pool pump run time. Turn the power switch on, place the Solar-Breeze NX2 on the surface, and let the sun clean your pool. 

#2 Manual Skimming

Breaking out the net is the age-old skimming method. But it’s a chore! You must do it daily to stay on top of the debris, and exert a fair amount of energy just before you want to take a dip. To hand-skim, you need a telescoping pole and a flat skimmer net or a net bag to catch debris. Lifting a heavy bag full of wet debris can be very challenging. Even when hand-skimming daily, debris will sink to the bottom between sessions and you will need to vacuum the pool and run the pump more often to avoid bacteria growth.

#3 Pool Cleaning Service

Hiring a pool cleaning service to maintain a healthy pool is a great option. Many pool professionals carry the Solar-Breeze NX2 in their tool kit as a useful resource to place in the pool while they focus their expertise on other aspects of pool maintenance, such as brushing, vacuuming, adjusting chemical levels, maintaining the pool pump, and more. Pools need to be skimmed between visits to avoid decomposing debris, additional treatment, and added expense. Your pool professional may recommend having the Solar-Breeze NX2 clean your pool on the days that they are not around. If you are considering hiring a pool service, research pricing and ask other pool owners to refer reputable companies.

This year, commit to maintaining a swim-ready and energy efficient pool.  The Solar-Breeze NX is the hassle-free solution to your pool skimming needs.